Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders Aggressively Question Confused White House Reporters About What They’re Thankful For

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a woman who tells chilling lies with a straight face and uses hokey anecdotes about her children to deflect attention away from questions of national importance – *ahem* Russia! *ahem* – had an interesting exercise for reporters Monday before they began their press conference.

She asked them to say what they were grateful for.

“If you want to ask a question, I think it’s only fair, since I’ve shared what I’m thankful for, that you start off with what you’re thankful for. So, anybody want to be first on what they’re thankful for?”

Then she said, “In all seriousness, I’m thankful for my family, my faith, particularly thankful for the brave men and women of the military… the police, the firemen and first responders… the incredible privilege of serving this president and the American people.” On the surface, this may seem like a nice, innocent gesture, but what about just truthfully answering the press’ questions in the future instead of forcing them into a trite and uncomfortable situation?

A few dutifully listed their families and their job. Many made rudimentary mentions of their jobs and colleagues, etc.

Ryan has butted heads with Trump’s Press Secretaries before – notably Sean Spicer, who once talked down to her during a testy exchange on the Russian allegations – so she wasn’t down with being treated like a child once more.

“I’m thankful for life, I’m thankful for my children, I’m thankful for twenty years in this job. I’m thankful to talk to you and question you every single day.” Burn! But that wasn’t all…

Ryan quickly rejoined, “I hope you felt the passion of my thankfulness.” When Ryan tried to ask a second question, Huckabee Sanders quipped, “April, I’m starting to regret calling on you first.” To this, Ryan replied, “You’re thankful for all of us. I’m part of the group.” The holiday season is a joyous time, indeed.

Cecilia Vega of ABC News said “I am thankful for the First Amendment,” to which other reporters replied, “ooh, yes!”  

The President has had a notably tense relationship with the Press, which he has termed “the enemy of the American people” and “among the worst people I’ve ever met.”

They said, “I’m grateful to have a job where I’m not treated like a child.” Exactly.

“I’m thankful to have never sat through a White House press briefing where I was expected to say what I was thankful for,” Angela GreilingKeane, deputy tech editor of Politico Pro said.

 But that wasn’t all…

Zeke Miller of the Associated Press was definitely not about participating in the “exercise,” so when he asked about Donald Trump’s Supreme Court candidates, he did not say what he was thankful for at all.