Watch This Heartbreaking Video of a Little Girl Explaining an Active Shooter Drill to Adults | 22 Words

It's common knowledge that gun regulation is a hot-button issue in America. In the meantime, school shootings are becoming more and more common across the country. But what does that mean for all schools in the day-to-day?

Well, it means that there's another drill to practice. Some of us remember the occasional lockdown drill from our school days, but they've been changing rapidly since the early 2000s. Nowadays, there's a specific 'Active Shooter Drill'. And you may find it troubling to know that these drills are a regular practice in schools across the country.

Anti-gun violence organization March For Our Lives released a video highlighting this horrible reality. Fair warning, it's not an easy video to watch. But it is an important video, and the message behind it needs to be heard. So keep scrolling for this video of one young girl who understands gun violence better than the adults she's speaking to.

March For Our Lives just released a troubling new video.

The anti-gun violence organization was actually founded by survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in 2018.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting shook the nation.

An armed former student tore through the campus, killing 17 people and injuring many others. But it was by no means the only devastating school shooting in recent memory.

For victims of the massacre, it was also a call to action.

The students who survived that shooting don't want thoughts and prayers; they want reformed gun legislation in the United States.

Some accused the survivors of politicizing their own tragedy.

Fox News pundit Tomi Lahren was one such accuser, but Parkland students set the record straight. "I was just thinking about how I was literally involved in the shooting and I was talking about gun control," Carly later told BuzzFeed. "I just don’t understand why we can’t mourn and use our voice to speak out at the same time. I just wanted to give a first-hand answer to her, so she could understand that this is what we need to talk about."

So many of the Parkland survivors then became activists in their own right.

And thus, March For Our Lives was born. Now, they're trying to mobilize support for the passage of Senate Resolution 42--the Background Check Expansion Act.

It's a pretty simple idea.

Essentially, this new legislation could do a lot of good for closing dangerous loopholes in gun sales. In turn, that means kids won't have to be so fearful of their safety in school.

This kind of law should really be a no-brainer to pass.

For those vehemently opposed to gun reform because they don't want guns taken away...this law won't do that. It only serves to make sure that dangerous people can't walk into a store and buy a gun to later harm people with.

And that's a good thing.

The necessity for young children t0 perform 'Active Shooter Drills' is horrifying if you think about it. Yes, they need to know how to be safe--but why is an active shooter situation so likely in the first place?!

March For Our Lives is calling these kids 'Generation Lockdown.'

"Instead of passing laws to stop guns falling into dangerous hands, politicians have forced millions of kids to become experts in survival," the organization writes.

This upsetting 'training' starts at a young age.

"In almost every school in America, active shooter drills have become as normal as math and science class," the organization adds. "Survival lessons start at four years old and become more terrifying as kids get older."

And that's why they made this video.

In it, a group of adults at a "team building" event for work is told that they're going to hear from an expert on active shooter drills.

And Kayleigh is brought in.

"Today, we're going to be learning what to do in the event of an active shooter," a woman says. "We're gonna bring in a special guest, she's actually an expert on this, and she's going to be leading our team-building event." But the adults assembled clearly weren't expecting to see a girl who looks to be maybe 10 years old.

Kayleigh begins with this chilling statement.

In lieu of an introduction, Kayleigh looks around and simply says, "If there was an active shooter, you would all be dead."

What were they expecting instead?

Maybe a cop? A member of the military, or a veteran? But as it turns out, schoolchildren are just as knowledgable about these things nowadays.

Kayleigh explains why they'd be dead.

There's a murmur of surprise when she walks through the door, but it quickly dies away. "When you talk out loud the shooter can you tell where you are and where you’re hiding," Kayleigh says.

And she's not done there.

"Sometimes we play the game ‘who can stay quietest the longest’ so we all remember," Kayleigh adds.

Can you imagine?

Her school has had to turn this into a game, just to make sure the kids are listening and learning in case they need to deal with the real thing at some point. And for those kids, it's totally normal.

Kayleigh matter-of-factly explains how to survive a shooter.

"You can try and protect your friends by pushing the tables and chairs against the door," she says first. "You also have to put a piece of paper over the door window so they can’t see in."

There's an almost militaristic tone to her words.

"And you can’t cry," Kayleigh continues. It gives away your position and your hiding spot." Before now, I've really only heard about people "giving away their position" in combat games and movies. But here's this elementary-aged kid who says those words in all seriousness.

Kayleigh was prepared for any situation.

"And if you’re in the bathrooms, you have to stand on the toilet seat and crunch down so they can’t see your feet and they can’t see your head so they don’t know you’re in there," she matter-of-factly tells the adults.

She also warns the group not to be passive.

Instead, Kayleigh told them to gather intel on the shooter as they hide. "Try to listen for things that could help the police," she says. "For example, if you hear a lot of bangs like, ‘BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG’ the shooter might be down the hall. Or if you hear louder ones like, ‘BANG… BANG… BANG…’  he could be right outside your door."

At this point, the adults are tearing up.

If you remember lockdown drills from school, they were never this specific. Sometimes, the teacher wouldn't even stop teaching--they'd just be quieter. But learning where the shooter is by listening to the gunshots? That's on another level.

But the presentation wasn't over.

"If the shooter comes in the room, screaming won’t do anything," Kayleigh informs the group. "You have to try and fight back."

She knows a possible escape.

"If you can’t escape we get taught the emergency window escape plan where you have to break a window, put clothes over the frame, and climb through," Kayleigh adds.

That's what children everywhere are learning in school.

This takes time out of the day, time that the kids should be learning science, reading, writing, math. But they can't, because right now the best way to keep kids safe is to teach them how to keep themselves safe.

There's something very wrong about that.

Kids aren't supposed to be responsible for their own and their classmates' safety in school. People who have power in society are supposed to be doing what they can to ensure that safety.

You need to watch this video for yourself:

Kayleigh ends it with a song her teacher taught her to help the kids stay alive in a crisis. "Lockdown lockdown let’s all hide. Lock the doors and stay inside. Crouch on down. Don’t make a sound. And don’t cry or you’ll be found."

So March For Our Lives is encouraging awareness.

"Let’s make enough noise so that politicians have no choice but to embrace gun reform and protect children from gun violence," their website entreats.

Specifically, voice concerns to your state senators.

"Let the Senate know you want S. 42, the Background Check Expansion Act, passed so we can close gun sale loopholes and ditch mass shooting class," the MFOL site adds.

And finally, they've started a petition.

So if you agree with what March For Our Lives is standing for, head over to their site and sign the petition here. Keep on sharing this story, because it's a hard message to hear, but a very crucial one too!