While every pregnancy is different, there's no question that moms-to-be go through many of the same hardships. One mom was clever enough to use these universal troubles to get a few laughs.

This is Maya Vorderstrasse, a veteran of this whole "mom" thing with two healthy, happy kids.

Like so many of us, she's got herself an Instagram account.

She uses it to share pics of her little bundles of joy.

They were born less than a year apart (the youngest just two weeks old in this pic)!

When Maya was pregnant with the youngest, Hazel, she found her self suffering from the same issues that so many do.

So she decided to share them in a very playful way using a photoshoot (with a twist).

She documented her journey through pregnancy and the birth of her second child with messages on this chalkboard!

Pretty clever. AND pretty funny. Here she is a week after giving birth to Hazel. But let's back things up  a bit to see all the laughs.

Here's their fun gender reveal.

But don't worry — they get a lot more playful!

Flash forward to 28 weeks.

She's looking good, but feeling... ...Just okay, I guess!

Getting closer...

...and, from the looks of it, getting hungrier!

She's managed to work some poetry onto the board as well!

It's nice to see that (despite the typical issues) spirits and humor remain high.

Look who showed up for a cameo — the hubby!

We may laugh, but with all the cravings and hormones, this is just dynamite advice.

Welp, there goes the poetry.

It's probably hard to think when your life is just one big ice cream headache. But it won't be long now...

37 weeks. Pants gone.

And an awesome Dwight Schrute shirt makes an appearance. I kinda want that!

Ok. Things are getting slightly more serious.

She might not be having fun anymore, but she's still posing for the shoots, which is something!

Who do you feel worse for at this stage?

The husband or the wife? I know we're supposed to say the wife, but...

We've all wondered this. Though some of us prefer not to think about it.

It's game time for Maya! Let's see how things shake out.

Pretty darn well!

Here she is, somehow remaining photogenic in the most trying of circumstances. Nicely done, Maya. Thanks for entertaining us — and good luck with your (Irish) twins!