19 Parents Confess Their Secrets to Sleeping In Past Their Early-Rising Kids | 22 Words

Before kids, I certainly wasn't planning to co-sleep as a parent (so dangerous). I didn't plan on using the "cry-it-out" method (just cruel). I didn't plan on giving my children their own iPads or on letting them watch TV before bed (lazy parenting).

I also never planned to have a sleep-deprivation-induced-nervous-breakdown.

But, clearly, plans change when you become a parent. 

At a certain point, we all have to throw our copies of What to Expect When You're Expecting out the window and attempt to abide by a simpler, more realistic set of expectations and standards.

Our mom-goals shift over time and our definitions of things begin to change; We planned on 'organic' but we now aim for 'edible.'

We pictured 'pristine' lives but we now strive for 'sanitary.' We hoped we'd be perfect parents but, who are we kidding, we'll settle for sane.

And while it seems to remain a foreign concept to our children, sane people need to sleep.

These 19 parents share their secrets to pressing 'snooze' on their tiny, persistent, human alarm clocks.

Playing dead in bed. It works for a good 10 minutes. ? -Danielle Guenther Photography (To everyone wondering, yes this [photo] is staged.) It’s part of my art series, “best case scenario." So glad you’re enjoying!!! Parenting is a shitshow some days, and beauty the next!! We’ll all miss these days, that’s for sure!! Enjoy the little moments :) Cheers, mommas!!

Surrender to the chaos.

I was cracking up because it's literally the same picture. ⇪  -Jessica Stanley 

Fake it 'till you make it.

I remember back when I thought co-sleeping was optional— LOLOLOLOL I was adorable back then. Judge me all you want, but I buy morning peace on the weekends by letting Minecraft melt my 6yo's brain for 15 minutes (I'm lying, I totally let her play for like an hour.)? -Bad Parenting Moments

Hand over the goods.

My son woke up, and it woke me, so I silently handed him my iPad and went back to sleep.  The joys of co-sleeping. ? -Cassy Maarssen This next mom really thinks outside the box.

Invest in your future.

Let him stay up all night Friday night. -Arthean Watkins

Technology is your friend.

I let me 2-year-old watch cartoons on my phone, the 5-year-old on the tv and my preteen on her phone. That gives me an extra hour. Then usually the 2-year-old grabs the gallon of milk and puts in near my face to wake me up because he's hungry.   -Espinal Ev

Create a diversion.

"It's too early to go downstairs, play in here with your Lego until my alarm goes off" sometimes buys me half an hour. -Nic Howe

Beggars can't be choosers.

I let my 2-year-old climb in and watch youtube videos next to me while I sleep an extra hour. -Christina Marie Aragues

Stay out of it.

My 5-year-old will wake up first, ask if she can watch her show in the living room before her brothers have a chance to wake up (13 & 12). So they let her have her way till I wake up on my own!! -Kimberly Cook This next mom literally says 'F*@% it' and goes back to bed.

Don't look back.

Once in a while, my kid sleeps the weekend at my parents. That's when we recover.  -Mario Kemper

Be persistent.

Lol mine was up at 5:10 am today. I finally let him have his iPad at 6:30 and gained an hour. ? -Lisa Storer

Never accept defeat.

It's Saturday, and we have been up since 4 am, finally said fuck it and ate breakfast at 5:30 and now back in bed ? -Rain Toombs 

Not one of us is spared.

My older 3 have always been like this...number 4? No. She HAS to be supervised! She's crazy.
Not normal kid crazy. She's legitimately crazy.
I have seen her scratch her face with her toenails. If that's a good enough example.

Pray for a miracle.

My 5-year-old just learned how to turn the Xbox on and fire up Netflix on her own. ?????? -Nicole Dollick This next mom is also grateful for the little things.

Count your blessings.

I feel so blessed that my 3-year-old still has bars on his cot bed. ? -Kate Wiseman

Reverse roles.

Once my child was old enough, I turned on Sesame Street, gave her a cup of milk and napped for an hour. -Chris Primmer

Accept your fate.

When my eldest daughter was 3, she would wake up and play peacefully in her room until I came to get her, whatever time that may be. My son & younger daughter, however, are tornadoes and cannot be left alone, ever. -Lily Dagdag

It never ends.

I'm a 53-year-old grandmother and have been raising my 3-month-old grandson since he was 3 weeks old. I believe that was the last time I slept. ? -Lisa Clay Lisa also shared that she has a prosthetic hip and is in need of another one. It really never ends, does it?

Never give up.

Step on my face, force me to smell your stinky feet, stick your grimy fingers in my nose, and climb all over me...I shall not be moved. Except maybe to go grab the iPad and try again and again. And while, yes, I'm exhausted,  I'm also reminded that I'm never alone in my sleep deprivation. Share this with the exhausted moms and dads in your life to remind them that they aren't either!