We Bet You Do at Least One of These Weirdly Relatable Things

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Sometimes you come face-to-face with yourself. And it is not a pretty sight. You end up horrified while looking in the mirror until you can’t take it anymore and you curl up in the fetal position, wishing that you could escape from the world. Have you ever felt this way? I had this exact reaction, in fact, when I looked at all of these tweets. All 29 of them made me feel seen (or personally attacked). And I bet that you will too.

If you have ever gotten out of the shower and instead of getting dressed, you sat on the corner of your bed for an hour doing nothing, you will relate to these relatable tweets. If you have ever vowed to stop spending money and then jumped at the chance to grab dinner with a friend because what are you going to do, not go to dinner? Then this list is for you.

If I’ve learned anything lately, it’s that…

Get ready to weep because the harsh truths in these tweets might make you take a good long look at yourself in the mirror.

Too Much Cheese

Wow, this is mean. How did this person dig that deep into my psyche? It’s not fair.

To-do list

Um, is there any other reason to make a to-do list? This is one of the most satisfying activities a modern woman can take on.

Sat in a towel

We have all done this. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes it takes much effort to actually get dressed after you take a shower.

Bedside table

One time I looked at my nightstand and there were four glasses all with yellow straws in them. I am a very specific type of hoarder.

Productive day

I drug myself out of bed, took a shower, put actual clothes on, and went to the post office and bought stamps. I should get like, a medal or something.

Mirror mirror

Outfits from your head almost never work out in real life, especially if they come to you in that twilight part of the night when you’re half asleep.


This happens to me all the time! I’ll be casually recounting something that happened in high school, and all of a sudden I’m pissed all over again!

Low ponytail

I wouldn’t know. Whenever I put my hair in a low ponytail people ask me why I signed my name on the Declaration of Independence so big.

Dragged through a bush

To be fair, I never spent more than five minutes putting myself together and getting ready, so the dip in presentation hasn’t been that dramatic, but it’s definitely still been a dip.

Iced coffee at 6 p.m.

Yeah, It’s definitely the iced coffee you had at 6 p.m.

Running shoes

And no, despite what you’re thinking, I don’t even run to get the cake. The shoes are strictly for walking to procure sweets.

Master nacho

Anyone should be able to recognize the master nacho and be courteous enough not to take it. If someone takes the master nacho, dump them.

None of my business

Honestly, it’s a mean, terrible thing to do to look at yourself in the front-facing camera of your phone. Don’t do that to yourself. You don’t deserve it.

Growing up

Oh, boy. Just wait ’til you’re almost 30. It’s all drooling and calling your partner by your dog’s name.

Free t-shirt

I love a good free t-shirt. There’s nothing better. I will wear the heck out of a free t-shirt.

I’m writing

If you are a writer, you spend most of your time torturing yourself for not writing. That’s just a fact.

Good things

Everyone knows that if you don’t worry about bad things happening all the time, that’s when the bad things happen. It’s the worrying that keeps them from happening.

No notifications

It’s ridiculous how reliant we have become on our phones, even when they have no new information to deliver to us.

Auntie Anne’s

The smell of mall pretzels is disgusting yet irresistible. And it may get me in trouble, but I have to say Auntie Anne’s > Wetzel’s Pretzels.

New planner

You mean writing my to-do lists and appointments out in a shiny new notebook with a brand new pen won’t actually change my whole life? That’s preposterous.

Duvet cover

HA! I don’t have a duvet cover. Duvet covers are for, adult adults.

Toxic trait

Seriously, though. Life would be so much easier if men weren’t good-looking to me.

“Wanna go eat?”

You can’t turn down an invitation for a meal with a friend! Friendship is all about going out to eat when you so shouldn’t.

Three dollars

I don’t know what it is, but this is so true. Those are two very different $3.

Gym body

This is some Black Mirror idea and I love it. I would work out all the time if my mind didn’t have to know that I was working out!

Other person’s fries

I thought this was a fact of life for everybody. This is why you always volunteer to go pick up the food. Always.

Shriveling organs

Rosé is liquid, which means it’s basically water, right? Right? Please tell me I’m right.


I really did try to fall asleep. But then I thought about all the things happening on the Internet without me and I couldn’t do it.

Soul searching

Material things really do make you happy. There, I said it. Share this with someone who is way too much like you and the people in these tweets.