Let's be real: wearing a helmet as a kid was a guaranteed way to get made fun of from all the other kids in your neighborhood. Although most parents forced their kids to wear helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads because it was for safety purposes or something like that, most kids were seen roaming the streets without anything on their head because they were way too cool for a helmet.

The cool, rebellious kids ripped off their helmets and rode through the streets free as a bird, but left their precious noggins exposed to the dangers of the world. But those days of looking lame in a helmet are a thing of the past.

This new LEGO-style helmet is weirdly amazing and entirely awesome. The design is so cool, hopefully, it will encourage more kids to care about the safety of their skulls if they can look like Emmet from The LEGO Movie, because no one is cooler than Emmet, let's be real.

Did your neighborhood have a bike gang?

Most suburban neighborhoods had a pretty serious bike gang, consisting of the local kids on the block riding on the handlebars, or even cooler, on the back pegs.

Or maybe you were the lone wolf.

You rode fearlessly on your bike through the streets by yourself, pondering the mysteries of life. But you always made it back in time for dinner.

Or you were a cool skateboarder.

Your hero was Tony Hawk and you only wore Etnies or Vans. I was always jealous of the kids on my street that could skateboard because it took a level of skill I never had.

Ever seen a scooter gang?

There were the few neighborhoods that had a herd of kids on scooters, cruising on the streets wreaking havoc. These were my people. My Razor scooter was my prized possession as a kid.

Let's be real, no one really wore helmets.

Cool kids didn't wear helmets because they didn't care about safety!

Helmets were for losers.

If you showed up to ride bikes with your friends and you were the only one with a helmet, you looked pretty lame and it was utterly embarrassing.

Kids would throw a serious fit when their parents made them wear helmets.

No one wanted to be that kid that showed up with knee pads and elbow pads and a big helmet because their moms made them.

Talk about a fashion faux pas.

Even adults don't want to wear helmets because it clashes with just about everything. No one actually looks good in a helmet. They are so hard to pull off.

Don't get me started on helmet hair.

It will ruin your whole day! There's no coming back from that mess.

Everyone has suffered from helmet hair.

No one is safe from this tragedy.

Everyone ends up looking like Coconut Head.

No one wants to look like Coconut Head.

No, thank you!

You can see why there is so much hesitation about wearing helmets from kids and adults.

Are there any cool helmets out there?

So many helmets are boring or ugly or both. It doesn't appeal to the modern kid who wants to be cool or the adult who wants to see something new and different.

We need to put our heads together!

How can we get kids to wear helmets and actually feel cool in them?

Introducing the LEGO helmet!

There is a solution to all of our problems and it is a helmet that makes you look like you have LEGO hair.

Now every kid can live out their LEGO dreams.

For every little kid that is obsessed with Emmet from The LEGO Movie, this helmet will make all of their wildest dreams come true.

You know LEGOs with their perfect hair.

Their perfectly plastic heads make for a great helmet prototype that looks cool and is practical when it comes to keeping kids safe.

The genius behind it all.

There are two creative geniuses who came up with this idea and we have many thanks for them.

It was a group effort.

Simon Higby and Clair Prior both work for the marketing agency NORDDDB. Simon works in Stockholm office and Claire works in Copenhagen, but they decided to come together to create perfection.

Here's the process.

They teamed up with a Danish development company called MOEF to make their dream a reality using an awesome 3D printer to develop their design.

These are big bike cities.

In Stockholm and Copenhagen, bicycling is an incredibly popular commute option for residents.

The statistics are alarming.

via: Shutterstock

The video explains that every 5th hour, a child sustains a head injury and 44% of all kids do not wear helmets.

We must protect our children at all costs!

This statistic really bothered Simon Higby, leading him to think of a solution for his MBA thesis.

It's a must have.

The internet was pretty excited about this, sharing a lot of positive reactions.

LEGO fans are pumped.

It'll get you one step closer to feeling like Emmet and no one is mad about that.

It's a game changer.

Everything really is awesome with this helmet.

But this is the question that matters.

I would love to see a bald man take this helmet off in public. Everyone around would be shocked.

So how much is this genius product?

People are getting quite worked up over this product because it's absolutely amazing and they all want to get their hands on one.

But it's just not ready yet.

The helmet isn't for sale yet because the company still needs to work out a few more kinks during testing. For now, we'll just have to be satisfied with the super cool prototype.

I know, we're upset too.

I wish I could get my hands on one of these guys too, but someday, we can all have our LEGO dreams come true. For now, we wait patiently.

In the meantime...

Make sure you wear a helmet! Even if it's not a LEGO one, your precious noggin needs the protection.

Safety is very important.

Your little ones need all the help they can get.

Safety is cool!

Share this to remind everyone that there is a way to be cool and stay safe, and one day, we can all ride around looking like LEGO people. Isn't that the dream?