We Found the 20 Best GIFs on the Whole Internet

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These are the best GIFs on the Internet.

I will be honest and say most of them involve adorable animals. I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t make the rules. Actually, I do, and I chose mostly GIFs with cute animals.

You’re welcome.

Starting off sweet with this GIF you could probably watch forever and ever without getting tired of it. How cute is this cat love?

Even gorillas fall victim to our human beauty standards and steal women’s hats to try to look just like them.

I don’t know who this crossing guard is, but please. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. This is so precious. Let’s do the right thing, society.

I love love love how he runs away really fast right after he poops on his friend. He knows what he did.

It’s hilarious enough that he runs away from what is clearly a person wearing a sheet. But the return is epic. This next one demonstrates a perfect dog paddle…

Dogs doing the swimming motion when they’re not in the water yet is probably my favorite subsection of the Internet. For obvious reasons.

I’m sure any mother can relate to this GIF. It’s too perfect.

This is why you have children when you have pets. The dog tries to give the baby a sock! EEE!

Is it just me or is this robot GIF like, way too relatable? Like, I’m feeling this one hard.

That face! The face one makes when one has been betrayed! The next one is a total classic. (Hint: It involves a dog wearing shoes)…

That is truly the face of an animal that knows he’s about to super embarrass himself for a treat. And I relate.

Laurel has been putting up with Merlin’s crap for years, and that’s it! He can’t take it anymore!

That little lizard is minding her own business, out for a stroll around the living room floor. And now she has to put up with this little coward.

Watching a rabbit eat up close is one of the most hilarious things a person can do. That little tongue flick makes it better than ever!

Take a bite, why don’t you? That bat eats a banana like I eat…well, anything. The next one is really impressive…for a bear…

OK but seriously, where did he learn those tricks? Was he rescued from the circus and is still kind of nostalgic about it? I need to know everything about this bear.

At least the guy gave himself an appropriately sarcastic round of applause for his stupidity. We all have these kinds of days.

I know it’s terrible and I’m not supposed to laugh, but oh well. It’s OK because he gets up and is unhurt at the bottom.

This pup asked for chicken liver mousse and you dare give him sweet potatoes and tuna?! What’s wrong with you?

It doesn’t get much better than a dog who doesn’t know what to do with himself because he’s so excited to be in a ball pit. Same, dog, same. Share this with someone who would appreciate a laugh!