We Found the Best Quizzes on the Internet for You and Put Them All in One Place

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If you’ve made it to this article, you’re a distraction ninja. You stealthily comb the Internet for the best smile-inducing, bathroom-boredom-expunging content you can find.

You click around with glee soaking up the knowledge of life hacks that will make your life a million times easier and dad jokes that are so hilarious you can’t even.

Now, you’ve reached the zenith — the ultimate distraction platform — the Internet quiz. In this list, there are 22 of them, and that’s enough to keep you so distracted you zonk out on your couch and miss your co-worker’s birthday party. But it’s all good. In fact, it’s better than good because he’s the loudest chewer and you kind of hate him anyway.

You’re welcome.

Pick the Cutest Puppies and We’ll Match You With a Hollywood Hunk

This quiz has everything: sleepy puppies, fuzzy puppies, puppies in costumes, and Idris Elba. Really, that’s all you need.

Take This Quiz and We’ll Tell You How To Treat Yo’self

It has been a long year, and you deserve to treat yo’self! This quiz will help you plan the perfect day of indulgence based on the things you love.

Build a Burger and We’ll Tell You What Kind of Man You Should Marry

There’s nothing wrong with this quiz. Nothing at all. Actually, this is about as right as a quiz can get. Burgers are juicy and delicious, and well, so are men.

Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based On Your Taste In Snacks?

WARNING: Do not take this quiz on an empty stomach. You will end up eating the object closest to you. RIP iPhone charger. You were yummy.

If You Can Get 12/12 On This, You’re a Vocab Genius

Finally, a quiz to prove you’re the vocabulary genius you’ve always claimed to be. Sheryl won’t be able to say any more mean things about you once you ace this quiz! That’s right, Sheryl’s been talking behind your back.

This Color Quiz Will Reveal Your Deepest Desire

This quiz is full of pretty pictures and Freudian slips. What a fantastic combination. Chances are this quiz will color even your own perception of yourself.

Can You Answer ALL of These Simple Grammar Questions?

If you’re a grammar nerd, this is definitely the quiz for you. If you’re a Grammer nerd, as in Kelsey, well, I don’t know if I can help you.

Only a TRUE ’90s Kid Can Remember All 12 of These Snacks

Every true ’90s kid had a ring of red, sticky syrup lining their lips for the entire decade. But were you too hopped up on sugar to remember all these snacks? Take this quiz and find out. Then go to the grocery store and buy yourself some Gushers. You deserve it.

Which Hair Color Should You Try This Summer?

Summer’s coming up, and it’s time for a change! What better way to decide how to experiment with your hair than an Internet quiz?!

We Can Guess Your Age Based ONLY On Your Disney Knowledge

Judging by your presence on planet Earth, you’re a fan of Disney movies. Everyone is. So come on down and test your knowledge! They’ll even flatter you by guessing your age.

Can You Pass This Long Hard Sex IQ Quiz?

You know you want to take this. Maybe just wait ’til after your meeting…

How Much of a Perfectionist Are You?

This quiz is for the detail oriented, no-pencil-out-of-place, almost-annoyingly perfect people out there. If you think that’s you, test yourself!

Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Taste In Food?

According to this quiz, I’m “over the hill,” which is extremely correct. I am an 89-year-old man trapped in the body of a 28-year-old woman. Help.

1% of People Can Name All of These Everyday Objects. Can You?

Did you know there’s a word for the space between your eyebrows? Or the tip of the wrapper the waiter leaves on your straw? This quiz will not only entertain you. It will educate the s*** out of you.

What You See In These Inkblots Will Reveal Your True Self

Ah yes, the good ol’ Rorschach test. It’s always there to make you realize how repressed you are and lead you to question everything you ever thought to be true about yourself. Such fun!

Pick 12 Random Colors and We’ll Reveal Your Deepest Secret

You better take this quiz because what if you don’t even know your deepest secret yet? You could learn a lot about yourself.

What Type of Donut Are You?

If you’re not exactly into deep, dark secret discovery, then have I got a quiz for you. …It’s this one. You a donut. Only question is, which one is you?

Which Dog Breed Is Right For You?

This quiz combines astrological questions with lifestyle preferences to give you a dog breed that’s perfect for you. So, whether you’re actually looking for a furry friend or just dreaming of the future, this quiz is yours for the taking!

This Crazy Math Trick Can Guess Your Age Correctly 100% of the Time

Now this one is just dang impressive. It 100 percent works 100 percent of the time, but try figuring out how it works. In that department, it’s got me totally stumped.

Pick the Worst Fashion Trends and We’ll Guess Your Exact Age

There have been some truly heinous fashion trends through the ages, and with this super difficult “would you rather” quiz,  you get to relive them in all their glory! Pick the trends that hurt your eyes the most, and they’ll guess how old you are.

Can We Guess Where You Live From These 11 Questions?

No, none of the questions are, “Where do you live?” And that made it extra impressive when they totally got it right! Did they get it right for you?