We Found the Funniest Memes About Social Distancing so You Didn't Have To | 22 Words

Social distancing is here and with it comes the inability to get closer than 6 feet to other human beings. Our lives are very weird right now. Everyone is working from home, stocking up on self-quarantine supplies, and trying to stay far away from the masses of humanity.

Thankfully, we still have the Internet, which has allowed us to keep our sanity in the one way the Internet generation knows how: memes.

Even if we're all depressed that the world has gone to poo, we can keep our spirits up with the sideways humor of sticking words on pictures and sharing them hundreds of thousands of times. You don't even have to go looking for them! We've compiled the creme de la creme of the social distancing memes and they're right here for you to look at while you "work from home." It's better to laugh, that way you don't cry.

It all started with toilet paper memes.

Which is definitely not what anyone would have predicted, but humans are far weirder than anyone's expectations. Apparently being able to wipe our butts is priority #1.

Everyone needs it.

Nobody's got it. If I were making this movie it would feature five middle-aged mothers punching each other in a grocery store while ripping TP from each other's arms.

And if you're in the way of someone else getting theirs...

You are definitely not safe. Elbows are flying, carts are going above the speed limit, everything is chaos.

It became more precious than gold.

"I'll see your $200 with these 4 rolls of toilet paper." The next Ocean's 11 is just Brad Pitt and George Clooney with grocery carts full of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Then came the social distancing.

And we all had to become suddenly very aware of how far 6 feet is. That's like...a whole person.

It only took a couple of days before we all started getting...weird.

Like singing The Little Mermaid out the front window weird. Odd how we weren't so into all these people until we couldn't be around them.

The weirdness is how we stay sane, right?

We all need some exercise, this is good for us! And then I'll get more exercise by cleaning it up afterward! Everything is great!

I guess if you can't be around other people it's an excuse to have a party with yourself.

My worst nightmare. Please anyone but me.

And no virus meme collection would be complete without a good sex joke.

I must know where this was originally from. And where I can get a person-sized condom.

But every now and then the real crazy starts to come out.

This year is bad and I do not like it. I would like to return it and have a new one please.

It didn't take long for us to realize that we were all stuck in incredibly tight quarters.

This could spell the end of some relationships, unless we all get a little bit creative with our solutions.

And if you're a parent, things are even more intense.

"Being a good parent" is overrated. Drinking a lot and giving your kids an iPad so they shut up is definitely the way to go.

All of us have gained some new "coworkers" and they're a bit sketchy.

My coworker keeps jumping on my shoulders and putting her butt in my face. She refuses to wear pants.

Plus they just don't respect your personal space.

Whether it's stealing your things, jumping on you, yelling, or just being a general jerk, pets are not ideal coworkers. Children aren't either.

At least your real coworkers are staying far away.

Even if you have lived through more Zoom meetings than you ever wanted in your life. Please, stop making me share my face via webcam. It's just not flattering.

Of course since the virus is hitting around the world, we had to have some friendly international ribbing.

You know, to let off some steam so we don't scream at our "coworkers". Instead we can just mock the English.

It's important to keep up contact with the people you care about.

Imagine you've had a feud going on with your awful neighbors. You can't just go no contact for however long this whole thing is going to take! You've got to find a way to continue insulting them.

Aw, poor Rays.

I will say, however, if you ever need to have a private conversation with, say, your business partner or bank heist co-conspirator. There are worse places to go than a Rays game.

We can all learn a little something from these noble beasts.

If you're ever tempted to selfishly go over to a friends house or fly across the country to see your family, just think of how let down this turkey would be. It'll stop you in your tracks.

What do bikers have to do with this?

Also, you can't control other people. I feel like these bikers haven't even been to therapy. (That's probably a pretty safe bet.)

You tell 'em.

There are a lot of moments from The Office that make you go "yup" or "it me" or "yass." And this moment is certainly one of them.

Street Fighter II is still probably the best fighting game of all time.

He will meditate and ten destroy you. That's kind of Dhalsim's whole deal. Also yoga fire.

It's even made it into our Nintendo Switches.

On my Animal Crossing island, Melba the Koala got sick and I was so mad! I love Melba more than anyone else! Why couldn't that stupid pink goat lady have gotten sick? She looks mean.

I would cheer, for sure.

It really would be in the best interest of this company if they all went down to the pound (one at a time of course) and adopted a dog of their own. If one dog is keeping the company together, many dogs will help it thrive.

This one hurts.

I have downloaded many new writing apps, each one ostensibly to be used solely for the purposes of writing my YA novel, and they do not help.

See, Vader gets it.

He has altered the distance he keeps between himself and others. Pray he does not alter it further.

The snacks are just there.

I just keep opening the fridge, looking inside, and then not taking anything. What is wrong with me?!


I'm just gonna say it — Ronald McDonald is somehow creepier when we're in quarantine. At least before I knew that if he came into my house, I could escape by going outside.

I hear this one too.

It's best to play it safe, even with your sense of humor. Who knows where that thing's been?

It's both practical and efficient.

Did we all take tape measurers, pull them out as far as we could, and then try to hold them straight up without letting it bend? Anyway, I've been very bored lately and have been doing that again. Anything to keep me from writing that novel.

A daily communique.

Thank you for the update sir, and thank you for doing your part to keep us all less-annoyed in this truly annoying time.

Now this is a smart-looking bench.

And also, a smart-acting bench. Who knows if benches can contract the virus? The answer is no one. No one knows.

Zoom provides such weird angles.

Everyone has a different Zoom face, but no matter what, it's always a little too close to the camera, and weird.

You learn something new every day of quarantine.

They say a good marriage is supposed to be full of tiny little surprises. But they did not, under any circumstances, mean surprises like this.

Our time to shine.

Finally, all us sad, self-isolators can use our powers for good instead of evil. (Well, it's not evil to bail on your friends' birthday parties almost every time, but it's certainly not great.)

Brace for it.

As a freelance writer who doesn't much care for "going out" or "being outside," it's been almost embarrassing to tell my friends who little things have changed for me.


Now here's someone I want to quarantine with! (If only to find out what the hell's going on.)

Looks like a full day.

It used to feel like there weren't enough hours in the day to do everything you wanted to do, like exercise or cook or call your mom. But now, there's nothing but time... and I still don't do any of those things. C'est la vie!

My go-to lie is useless!

See, this is why I haven't called my mom since this whole ting started. It'd be impossible to get off the phone with her! It's not because I'm irresponsible and/or a bad son. No sir.

It's almost poetic.

Maybe it's just because their faces make them look like they've lived a lot of years and are weathered to everything life can throw at them, but I always hear a deep, powerful voice when I imagine them talking.

Ooh boy.

I just get the sense somehow that this guy has been workshopping this joke since well before the quarantine started.


Okay, now that we've got that mystery solved, can someone please explain why dogs get the zoomies?

Put up billboards that say this.

Is there anything more infuriating than people breaking quarantine and going and doing stuff out in the world? I say no, there is not.

If A, then B.

A lot of these couples were just waiting at the door to head out to the divorce attorney, dancing all around like a dog that has to go pee.

Looks cozy.

All quarantine and no bars or sporting events or restaurants makes Jack a dull boy.

What are they supposed to do?

Are my mo, dad, and three older brothers supposed to avoid each other? (Because that would actually be really great and I'd love to tell them. I don't much care for any of them.)

Our eating habits have certainly changed.

My mom would be so proud of my deep desire for fresh vegetables. I never expect this to happen again.

Some of us reached the "panicking and eating anything in the cupboards" stage earlier than others.

We all thought we were prepared but it took about 20 seconds for us to lose our minds. Guess it's normal to eat frozen pizza topped with canned corn now.

And yet life goes on.

Can you imagine having a birthday right now? Oof. Maybe we can postpone all the quarantine birthdays and throw one gigantic party when we can hug again.

Let's talk for a minute about introverts.

Some of us have had a bit of a rude awakening about our normal lives. You mean other people leave the house on a regular basis?

Everyone made fun of us before, but now all of a sudden they want to know how we do it.

This is our moment introverts! Time to feel superior! But don't like talk to anyone about it, just make a post on the internet.

Some people are simply incapable of the amazing skills we possess.

Seriously everyone: channel your inner introvert. If you don't you are part of the problem.

We're in good company with Bigfoot.

Maybe all introverts are secretly cryptids. I call Mothman.

But if we're honest, we like to choose when we're going to isolate.

If someone else tells me to I'm not going to. I want to be lonely and depressed on my own terms.

But if you're feeling crabby about being home, the internet will see you through with puns.

Get it? Cause his first name is Quentin? It's both a pun and a portmanteau. And now you have to look up portmanteau, so you've done your quarantine learning for the day.

If we can't be around people, at least we can still roast stupid celebrities.

In case you hadn't heard, Rudy Gobert decided to spread his germs to absolutely everyone after he got sick and was later diagnosed. Legitimately a horrible thing to do.

But if hating on celebs doesn't get you through, home entertainment might do it.

Did you know a Roomba and a Swiffer could be adorable? They can if you enlist them in the tiniest game of curling around.

After a week we all started to let a little bit of anger out.

We know who caused this problem and it was those nasty bois at Golden Corral. We're going to need more than a sneeze guard today.

But then we started to go meta, which is always unnerving.

Memes are not allowed to talk about memes, it's the first rule of Meme Club.

But hey, at least social isolation has one positive outcome.

When the Jehovah's Witnesses ring the doorbell, you can ignore it guilt-free. "Sorry, can't talk, I'm social distancing."