We Never Hear About Scarlett Johansson's Twin and Now It's Clear Why | 22 Words

Hollywood actress, Scarlett Johansson, has always been in the limelight, but there are some things that she's kept as private as possible... including her twin brother.

However, the reasons why have now been made clear...

People just can't believe that Hollywood icon, Scarlett Johansson, has a twin brother...

And the recent revelations about this mystery brother has left people feeling shocked, to say the least!
So let's have a look at them for ourselves...

Now, we all know that Scarlett Johansson is one of the most famous names in Hollywood.

Born on November 22nd, 1984, in New York City, the actress started her career very early on in her life.

I mean, it was expected as she came from a family that had already been heavily involved in the arts!

Her grandfather, Ejner Johansson, was a writer, and her father was an architect from Copenhagen. Not to mention that later on, her sister also became an actress in her own right.

It all started when her mother started taking her to auditions throughout her childhood...

And pretty soon she found herself making her debut on stage when she took a role in the off-Broadway production of "Sophistry." She was only 8-years-old.

Her achievements didn't stop there as she then moved on to secure a role on the big screen.

In 1994, the actress starred alongside Elijah Wood and Bruce Willis in the fantasy/comedy North.

Pretty soon she was making appearances in other films such as Fall (1997) and Home Alone 3 (1997)...

But a role as Grace MacLean, a teenager traumatized by a riding accident, in The Horse Whisperer gained her a solid fanbase and even led to a nomination for "Most Promising Actress" at the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards.

From then on, it was only onwards and upwards.

Scarlett took on a variety of roles but some of her most notable films include He's Just Not That Into You (2009), and the sci-fi action thriller Lucy (2014) in which she played the lead.

However, most of her fans came from the Marvel Universe.

Perhaps her best appearance on the big screen is when she took on the part of Black Widow, giving the Marvel Universe a badass female superhero to get hooked on. The role saw her appear in 6 further Marvel movies.

But other than her professional career, the actress has also had a pretty wild personal life.

With success also comes a lot of unsolicited media attention, and Scarlett really got some first-hand experience with how detrimental it can be to have a relationship in the public eye.

Her first marriage to Ryan Reynolds started a media frenzy, with everyone wanting to know exactly what was happening in their lives.

But after 2 years of marriage, the pair announced that they were getting separated. And just a year after their divorce, she became engaged to French journalist Romain Dauriac.

But again, they also got divorced after a few years.

She did have a beautiful daughter, Rose Dorothy Dauriac, with her former husband who was born in 2014. She is now with a new man called Colin Jost.

However, while some of her relationships were being heavily publicized...

Others were quietly falling into the background. Her family life was taking a back seat as more and more people became interested in the men she was seeing.

That's why a lot of people aren't aware that the actress actually has a twin brother.

That's right, even though Scarlett actually has 4 siblings, including one half-brother, she also has a twin who was born 3 minutes after her called Hunter.

Hunter Johansson may remain largely out of the public eye...

But there are specific reasons behind his choice.

Firstly, it's obvious, he's overshadowed by his sister's fame.

As Scarlett gained more and more success, her entire family was thrown into the limelight and it sounds like the newfound media attention overwhelmed Hunter.

He told Parade this:

"When we were growing up in New York City, we led very normal city lives," he explained. "We rode the subway to public school, went on trips with our grandma to the beach and museums."

But things changed when they both entered high school...

"...Her career started to grow and moviegoers would approach her in public, that's when I would sometimes ride with her in a cab to school." Even when they were kids, Hunter seemed to be used to taking a back seat to his famous sister.

He's into politics.

While Hunter did delve into the world of acting himself, taking on minor roles in films, he did not pursue the career as he wanted to get involved in politics instead.

Back in 2008, he started working as an advisor for Barack Obama.

He was also a "community organizer" for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's office in New York.

And just in case you weren't fully aware of his political involvement...

He also posted a photograph of himself protesting Donald Trump's presidency when the reality show billionaire he was inaugurated in 2017.

He avoids paparazzi.

"There are few places and moments when my sister can move about without being recognized," he told Parade. "When those rare instances happen, I am reminded of a time before her celebrity, when we were kids, and I treasure that." So this is why he avoids attending events with her because it usually means he'll end up in the papers the next day.

He wants to protect his relationship with his sister.

The siblings are very close to each other, and Scarlett once described him as "golden-hearted."

She continued:

"I think a lot of people spend their life looking for a partner, someone to be a mirror to reflect upon, to remind them that they've lived. You want someone to tell you what he witnessed in your life. My twin brother has always been that for me." Hunter later added, "She is my other half. Nothing is more important to me than my twin."

Hunter is too busy giving back to his community.

Along with Scarlett, he has been part of many fundraisers and has even been part of "Friends of Rockaway," a nonprofit organization founded after Hurricane Sandy in order to help re-build affected areas.

He does his best to stay off his socials.

Even though Hunter has an Instagram account, he rarely posts on it. His most recent post is from all the way back in August. Sometimes he might throw a cheeky selfie out there, but they're pretty scarce. And the last time he updated his Twitter account was in 2019, where he promoted his charity work.

He's busy taking care of himself too.

Even though Hunter likes to give back to the community, he is also very focused on his own health, physically and mentally. There are several clips of him on his Instagram working out, and he takes regular runs around his neighbourhood.

His modeling work has not gone as well as he hoped, however...

Outside of the work that he's already doing, Hunter tried his hand at modelling, but it hasn't quite taken off as well as he had hoped. He's done some work for smaller businesses such as Tod's, but nothing too major as of yet.

He can also enjoy all of the perks of fame without having to be directly in the limelight.

While traveling the world with his twin sister and attending some red carpet events, it seems as though Hunter gets the best of both worlds; that secluded life without the paps, but also the perks that Scarlett gets thrown in there too.

So there we have it!

Hunter Johansson has done his best to live a life without the spotlight and it seems as though he's planning to do that for a long time yet. Keep scrolling to see more on Scarlett Johansson's marriage to Colin Jost...