We Tried Using An Electronic Earwax Removal Tool

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Here’s a secret about me: I absolutely love getting ear wax out of my ears. It’s gross, but there’s something so deeply satisfying about seeing a big hunk of it and knowing that’s no longer in my delicate little ear. If you’ve got an excess of earwax and your ears feel itchy, painful, or like you can’t hear (thanks earwax), now is the time for you to get your hands on the best ear cleaning tool out there. And no, it’s not a cotton swab. Please for the love of god do not use a cotton swab.

Cause here’s the thing: I’ve discovered the greatest way to remove ear wax and I consider myself something of an evangelist now that I’ve used it. What is it you may ask? It’s called an otoscope earwax remover, and it’s a tiny little scoop that has a tiny little camera so you can gently and accurately remove your earwax and actually see what you’re doing. Intrigued? Yeah, let’s take a deeper dive.

This Is You

You’ve got some earwax buildup happening and you’re desperate to get it cleaned out. You may start reaching for a classic Q-tip but oh my friend please do not. There’s a better way. And that way is the Ear Wax Otoscope Remover Tool from Dose of Gross.

The Otoscope Has a Tiny Camera

When you get your otoscope you’ll find a handle with a little scoop at the end of it. What’s particularly cool about it is that it also has a tiny Bluetooth camera at the end. Connect it to your phone and you’ll have a close up view of what’s happening inside your ear while you clean it out. It’s disgusting and incredibly cool.

Get in There and Clean It Up

Actually being able to see what I was doing was a game changer for my ear cleaning routine. A cotton swap just shoves the wax further into your ear. With this tool you can see the wax, use the paddle at the end to grab it, and then easily pull it out. I was seriously amazed at the size of what I pulled out. Grab yours at A Dose of Gross and see what you’ll find.