Wedding RSVP Card Goes Viral For Hilarious Menu Mistake

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When planning a perfect wedding, a lot of thought goes into every single aspect of the big day. Ranging from the wedding dress, the first dance song, the venue, and the guest list… it’s a very stressful experience!

But perhaps the most stressful choice a couple has to make is, of course, the food menu for their hundreds of picky guests. Making sure there are options that please everyone certainly isn’t a walk in the park! However, one couple recently made a mistake that dramatically shook up their options.

In addition to listing both beef and pork, children had been added to the dinner menu. But even more dramatically, only children under twelve years old are eligible.

The RSVP card has now gone viral since being posted on Reddit last week along with the caption: “I’ll have the ten-year-old please, medium rare.”

While some people contributed with their “dietary requirements”, others wondered which food children would be served:

“Eating children jokes aside, I’m just picturing checking that off and getting like a happy meal or something.”

“What a nice little suggestion!” another person said.

People even opened up debates on the thread about the types of food children are actually served at restaurants:

“Speaking of which, what is it with this weird obsession by restaurants and caterers to only feed children chicken fingers?”

“Conversely, in some places, I’d rather have chicken fingers than the stuff they serve “adults” (.. I’m sort of an adult. I like to pretend to be one anyway). Like for this menu? I don’t care for red meat in general (pork can be alright, but it has to be cooked right, preferably smoked), I’d feel like checking “child” is a safer bet. Can’t they just tell you what the child choice actually is and let you base the decision on your food preferences rather than your age? And seriously, offer poultry or seafood or something. Not everyone loves red meat,” another person replied.

“Dietary restrictions: ginger children,” another joked.

Let us just hope that the couple finds this as funny as we do, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?