Congratulations! You are engaged. You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You have expressed your love for each other and cannot wait to make it official. Now, it is time to spend the next year or so of your lives slowly spending all your money on one party that is totally your day but also has to appease both your and your fiancé's family, not totally bankrupt you, look amazing, and be literally the best day of your entire life. No pressure or anything.

No matter how excited you are to plan your wedding, no matter whether you have been dreaming of this day since you were a kid or if you have just sort of started discovering what you want the day to look like, there is a certain amount of stress that you can't really escape. And so, if you are planning a wedding, whether you are a bride, a groom, or a gender-non-conforming person-who-is-getting-married, here are some memes to laugh at. You probably need it.

Your wedding day will be great.

Because it will be yours. No one can take that. No matter how heated the conversations get or how complicated the seating charts become, try to remember that this is your and your partner's day.


When you first got engaged, did you totally freak out when you remembered you could say "fiancé"? It's such a fun, fancy word!

Wedding planning

Listen, you can read all the wedding magazines and bridal blogs in the world. You will not understand all the crazy things that go into wedding planning until you actually start doing it.


I have heard that as a bride, you're going to be running around so much that you might not get a chance to eat with everyone else. Make sure someone makes a plate for you for later.

Perfect partner

This is KEY. In this same vein, I would say marry someone who has or can adapt to the same bedtime as you. It's great when you both agree that 9 p.m. seems like bedtime.


Honey, Pinterest is for hairstyles you will never be brave enough for, houses you will never own, and dogs that are too cute to handle.

Wedding budget

This one made me laugh. It's sound logic if you don't mind spending the rest of your days — and I mean the rest of them — in debt.

Extra in photos

Why wouldn't you be extra in your wedding photos? That is the day to be the most extra. Go for it.

Engagement rings

When I got my engagement ring, I legit could not stop looking at it for months. I probably shouldn't have been driving a car because I was just staring at my hand on the wheel the whole time.


Seriously! I had this exact same thought. I have to think that they are not real friendships... Do you know?

Grooms' faces

This is seriously so accurate. And don't think that after I've made this face on my wedding day, I won't make it next time mozzarella sticks arrive.

No chance

This is hilarious and adorable. I love when wedding photos reflect the sense of humor of the couple and their friends.

Dream dress

Um, yes. Except I am sort of allergic to champagne, so make this a bunch of fun cocktails and I am there.

Forever and a day

Wedding planning is seriously a full-time job. That's why wedding planners exist! It's absurd to be expected to plan a wedding on top of your regular job.

Wedding day

Your wedding day will be one of the most exhausting days of your life. I am sure I will look just like that melted rubber ducky after mine.

Open bar

You have to have an open bar at your wedding. Like, it's almost not an option anymore. Anything else would be a cruel and unusual punishment for your guests.

Wedding dress

I didn't think I would cry when I found my wedding dress, but apparently, I don't know myself at all. Sometimes it's more emotional than you think it will be!

My way

HA. But seriously, it is your wedding day, so everything should be exactly the way you want it to be.

Hair tie

This is hilarious and so real. You probably don't want your arm hair tie in all the pictures.

Expectation vs. reality

Oh, I have no doubt that I will be way too exhausted the night of our wedding to like, be romantic when it's over. Heck no.

Hair and makeup

I am convinced there is going to be something huge I forget to book until my wedding day. I'm going to be walking down the aisle and be like, "Oh no, MUSIC!"

Wedding pets

Even when you get married to another human person and devote your lives to each other, your pets come first. And your partner needs to understand that.


Wait, but like, are they actually dancing to "Thriller"? Because this literally looks like the dance.

Simple wedding

You know, if you want to throw a wedding for yourself, more power to ya! I say go for it. It's the year 2019. You deserve it.

Funniest person

No, but seriously. If you are the funniest person you know, and you probably are, who are you supposed to marry?

Sweating for the wedding

Listen. Stressing about losing weight for your wedding is stress you don't need. You look great just the way you are. I guarantee it.

The night after

I hope I look this cozy and content after my wedding. It will be a whirlwind, but hopefully, I can take some time to relax and reflect after it's over.

Stable life

If you wait until you are both totally stable to get married, it will never happen. Just do it when it feels right and you continue to grow and change together! That's what I think!

Bachelorette weekend

I can't wait for my bachelorette party! I didn't even know if I wanted one, but a low-key beach weekend with my best buds? Who doesn't want that?

At-wedding proposals

Oh heck no. I am against this wholeheartedly. How dare you make my wedding about you? Unacceptable. Share this with a bride-to-be you know!