You Can Plan Your Dream Wedding at Taco Bell for $600

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This may sound a little crazy, but you can now have your dream wedding at Taco Bell for as little as $600 completed by a Taco Bell-themed wedding kit. Yes, we know…Taco Tuesdays has had the ultimate makeover!

The famous taco chain has opened a twenty-four-hour Cantina and wedding chapel on the Las Vegas strip where you can get married to your taco craving spouse.

But it gets even better! You can order your wedding right off the menu, just as you would if you were a regular joe wandering in off the street fancying a good old Taco.

“Couples can come right in and order a wedding off of our menu,” Chief Marketing Officer Marisa Thalberg said in a statement. In a world filled with crazy, why not make it crazy in love…with your spouse and a bite of a delicious Taco?

The $600 wedding package includes Taco Bell champagne flutes, “Just Married” t-shirts, a Taco Bell bow tie and garter, a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake, and a wedding bouquet made of sauce packets. The package also includes a full ceremony and officiant. Your first meal as Mr. and Mrs. will be a Taco twelve-pack as per Totally the Bomb.

We’ve definitely seen a whole new side to Taco Tuesday and a lot of people are wanting to say I DO with a wedding ring in one hand and a taco in another!

“I got married at a taco bell in Vegas by an officiant dressed as a burrito. It is a thing. A glorious thing,” one person tweeted.

“Leaving the wedding like,” another couple tweeted.

People humored by the thought of a wedding at the food chain also took to Facebook to express their thoughts.

“You’d be surprised how many couples do this per day here in Vegas… Please note: As a Mobile Officiant, I have never done one at a taco bell. Gas stations, jails, hospitals, Various las vegas strip locations,” one person shared.

“That sounds more like a Nightmare!!” another horrifyingly exclaimed.

Where’s your dream wedding?