The Newest Wedding Trend Is Cotton Candy Bouquets | 22 Words

Wedding trends have always been pretty hit or miss. For as long as there have been weddings there have been weird trends, whether we're talking the puffy sleeves of the 80s or the interest in including llamas that were so popular in 2017. Lucky for you we've already found the best trend of 2019. They're called, cotton candy bouquets, and they're the sweetest thing you'll see all wedding season.

You might not think that the classic flower bouquet needed improvement, but those things are expensive! Brides have been getting creative with bouquets for years now, and this year may mark the ideal form of bouquet: sweet, low cost, and adorable.

If you're not sold, we've got the pics to prove that this is the perfect wedding choice. Keep reading and you'll be walking down the aisle taking a nibble at some spun sugar. Delicious.

One of the most iconic elements of a wedding is the bride's bouquet.

We've seen tons of styles emerge over the years; ones that include both actual flowers and flower alternatives.

Some bouquets keep it simple.

Like this gorgeous all-white bouquet of roses that is utterly classic, and so elegant.

Recent trends have been for bold and deep colors.

Check out this bouquet that is to DIE for, with such a wonderful variety of flowers and colors.

Not all bouquets are made of flowers though.

Many people have opted for the less expensive silk flower choice.

Other brides ditched the idea of flowers altogether.

This bride chose to create an elaborate bouquet out of buttons: create, unique, and person.

There are also edible bouquets!

But the trend that we're most interested in today is the one towards bouquets that you can actually eat. We've seen it with donuts, with fruits and vegetables, and even herbs.

The latest version of the food bouquet trend is here, and it's one of our favorites yet:

Swap out those flowers for some sweet cotton candy.

These bouquets bring so much fun to a wedding.

If you're walking down the aisle with something so sweet, everyone will know a little bit about your personality.

AND it saves some money.

If you haven't paid for a wedding recently you probably don't know how bananas things have gotten, but let me tell you, it is worth it to cut costs ANYWHERE.

Flowers cost HOW MUCH?

The average cost for wedding flowers is between $1,400 to $11,000. WHAT???

That's okay, I'll just walk empty handed.

An elaborate bouquet by itself can run you upwards of $300. FOR ONE BOUQUET.

And that's not all...

Add on to that the fact that you've got tables to decorate.

Ceremony decor

That wedding arch doesn't come cheap y'all.

AND bridesmaid bouquets?

Those flowers start to add up really quickly. No wonder people are looking for alternatives.

Other alternatives

People have been looking for cheaper alternatives for ages, because as beautiful as flowers are, they are not $11,000 worth of beautiful.

Paper flowers

Some brides have shown off their crafty sides by creating paper flower bouquets.

So if you're not sure what's "in" for your wedding this year...

Skip it all. Are succulent bouquets in this year or not? Who cares!

Is rose gold SO 2018?

Literally could not be bothered less.

Your wedding is yours.

And if you want to chow down on some cotton candy while you waltz down the aisle we are so here for it.

Don't stop with the bouquet...

If you're using cotton candy as your bouquet you better be bringing it at the dessert table.

Even if you stick with the traditional cake...

There are options to make that baby SING.

But you can also push the boundaries.

Doughnuts anyone?

People always love options.

So you could just pick ALL the desserts and offer an array.

Or maybe you just like to be over the top.

So a chocolate fountain is more your speed.

You could keep it down to earth with something simple.

Cookies? Ice cream sundaes? Pie? There are so many options.

Cotton candy is for everyone.

So whether you're already on top of the 2019 coral wedding trend.

Or making up your own wedding rules as you go...

Colored dresses! Flower crowns! Nontraditional weddings!

We can all agree on one thing:

Cotton candy is delicious.

And weddings are too expensive.

Whatever happened to a nice, simple ceremony?

Are you convinced?

Let us know if you're here for the cotton candy wedding trend or if you can't stop thinking about how sticky the bride's hands would be by the time she reaches her groom.