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No breaking news here! Cats are some of the craziest creatures that have ever existed in the history of animals. They are sassy, moody, unpredictable, but above all, hilarious fuzz-balls. They can be curious and cuddly when they want but at any given moment can be aloof then very aggressive. But we love them. Wait, we love them, right?

One cat-crazed Twitter account asked its followers to post any and all videos and pictures of their own fuzzy felines doing ridiculous things and the people loved it. These videos range from ridiculous to downright rambunctious. Even if you aren't a cat person (which might make you totally unlikable to some people) you will still find these videos absolutely hilarious. These agile pets have the amazing ability to get stuck in weird places, make disturbing sounds and annoy their owners in the most lovable way. I can almost guarantee you're going to laugh, even if you are a dog person.

Cats are mad geniuses.

Emphasis on mad. They are entirely capable of world domination, but for some reason allow us to befriend them, at least for now.

Don't underestimate their skills.

They may seem lazy just because they don't like to play fetch or run around outside, but when they do use their energy, it's amazing and impressive.

Have you ever played a cat in chess?

You don't want to because you will lose. Their little paws will absolutely destroy you and they will be meowing check-mate in no time.

But they can be absolutely vicious.

They will take you down if they need to. Don't test them or get in their way because you will fall victim to their power.

I also think cats may hate babies.

Clearly, they have something against children because they find a lot of pleasure in taking them down. Am I a terrible person for laughing at this? Because I am actually laughing out loud.

People are absolutely obsessed with their cats.

Cat people are really cat people. Their whole world is their feline and they aren't ashamed of it.

There is a Twitter account weirdly dedicated to drawing cats.

@Poorlydrawncats is a Twitter account that does exactly that, poorly draws pictures of your cat. Over 200,000 people follow this account because who doesn't love an abstract picture of your favorite animal?

These are quality tweets.

I mean this is the kind of stuff I want to see on the internet. Absolute art and a whole lot of cuteness.

This is priceless.

If they posted all these pictures in a museum, I guarantee cat lovers from all over the world would get in line to see this. How could you not?

You can also get cattoos.

These poorly drawn pictures are also popular as poorly drawn tattoos of cats, also known as cattoos.

Cat people are a whole other breed of humans.

This is real dedication. I am a little weirded out but hey, some people really their cat, enough to get a tattoo of them.

All it took was one question.

While we're on the subject of obsessed cat owners, this tweet openly and encouragingly invited everyone to post pictures and videos of their own cats doing weird things, and it got really funny.

This cat loves dirty water.

It's gross but also kind of adorable. At least cats don't lick faces like many dogs do.

This cat takes control.

No backseat driving from this cat. I would not want to upset this cat, can you imagine what kind of trouble you'd get in?

This cat acting like a dog.

This cat has some doggo-like tendencies and it's actually adorable. This is the sign of one happy pet.

The bathtub cat.

I thought cats hated water, but apparently, an empty tub isn't as scary.

Okay, so more than one cat likes sitting in a tub!

Maybe this is where they plot all their evil plans because it's the last place their humans would be expecting them to be. Dang they are clever creatures.

The cat that loves herself.

It's like she's never seen anything more beautiful before. It's okay kitty, we get it. Be your own biggest fan!

The next Beethoven.

This cat has some mad piano skills. Is there anything cats can't do?

Cats in trash cans.

Burt just makes himself right at home wherever he goes. He's the boss of this house.

Oatmeal, the face massaging cat.

Okay, if this doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will. Oatmeal is indeed one weird cat.

This cat that makes weird noises.

I don't know what this cat is trying to sound like but it's weird and very unnatural.

This cat can't keep its tongue in its mouth.

Okay, this is too cute. It doesn't make any sense, but I still love it so much.

Not the smartest cat in the litter box.

This guy forgot how to drink water but is willing to risk getting his whole head wet just to get a sip. Of course, there is a much better way, but will this cat figure it out? We hope not or else we wouldn't have this quality video.

The strange sleeper.

I've seen cats sleep in some very weird places, but this is a new one. Good thing they're flexible because this looks wildly uncomfortable.

The concerned cat.

This cat must investigate the giant water bowl their human sits in.

A cat sized tub.

Why does this cat look like he could be a mob boss? I can totally see him sitting with a cigar and a drink. I'd keep a close eye on your wallet with this cat around.

Nacho, the ninja cat.

Watch out, Nacho will pop out of every corner. He's got eyes everywhere.

Illuminati kitty.

This kitty has some suspicious behavior. I know it's just toys and it's so cute, but I don't know if I trust him.

I'd keep a close eye on that cat.

If you find other triangles around your house, I might consider having an intervention with your cat.

Sleeping beauty.

This cat does not care about how she looks when she sleeps. This is how I look when I wake up, so I can totally relate to this kitty.

This kitty forgot how to drink.

Maybe he thinks his paw can hold more water? I don't know but it's adorable.

Screamo kitty!

This piece of string stood no chance against this cat!

This athletic cat.

What a CATCH! This is incredible.

This cat defying gravity.

How cats scale these kinds of structures always amazes me. Is there anything they can't do?

The famous escaping cat.

This cat was not going to the vet even if you were going to have to drag him by his tail. No cage can hold this creature!

This cat who does a lot of weird things.

He likes to sneak and play in the snow. This is one majestic feline. I don't think I've ever seen a cat play in the snow before so this is definitely one weird cat.

This cat in a cone.

This is just torture, but it makes for great internet content, so I'm not entirely mad.

Well, now you've seen the weirdest.

I'm telling you, cats are the strangest creatures on earth and now I have all the proof for it.

Cat lovers unite over weirdness.

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