19 Weird Facts About Popular Brands That Will Change How You See Them

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Some of the brands of products we use every single day have super strange and interesting backstories.

And the people of Reddit were kind enough to share some of the craziest facts!

These will make you stroke your chin…

And go, “Hm! Interesting!” Guaranteed.

AutoZone vs. Radio Shack

AutoZone’s original name was “Auto Shack.” Radio Shack threatened to sue and it led to the name change. Years later, Radio Shack had a section which used the word “zone” in its name and was sued by AutoZone.GotMoFans

Ivory Soap

A batch of Ivory Soap was mixed improperly and had too many air bubbles, so it floated. This became a major selling point at a time when people washed things in tubs and rivers and would lose/forget the soap till it melted away. Ivory also had such an even consistency that it was used for carving and there were nationwide soap carving competitions.LudovicoSpecs

3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers candy bar used to contain a segment with chocolate creme, vanilla creme, and strawberry creme until WW2 when vanilla and strawberry flavorings became expensive, so they switched to just chocolate creme.rukioish

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew was made after hours so the workers/owners had something that mixed well with moonshine.homesweetmobilehome The next one is shocking…


Nutella was invented as a chocolate substitute due to rationing in WW1 (or maybe 2)Decaquark

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Philadelphia brand cream cheese has nothing to do with Philadelphia. They just named it that because at the time, the city Philadelphia had a reputation for high-quality food products, especially dairy.TheJadedSF

Adidas and Puma

Puma and Adidas were founded by brothers who originally ran a shoe company together but they split apart.Bugeaters

Banana Empire

Dole and Chiquita banana overthrew the democratically elected Guatemalan government and installed a dictatorship. ( they were formerly called the standard fruit company and United fruit company)hero_of_the_story_


Post-It notes were created by accident. The guy was trying to make a glue but it was too weak.EquinasOchaACE The next one will make you question everything you know…


The Listerine company created the term “halitosis” to market mouthwash. It was invented as a surgical antiseptic though and was used to treat gonorrhea.SpareAnimalParts


Not regarding ingredients, but an advertising story: Marlboro used to be seen as a woman’s cigarette so Philip Morris developed the Marlboro Man advertising campaign to get more men to buy them. But it went too far and sales to women dropped so they marketed Virginia Slims to regain consumers.qvart

Hydrox vs. Oreo

Hydrox is the original, Oreo is the knockoffderpderp37

Trader Joe’s O’s

Trader Joe’s Os are literally Cheerios. The company buys them as seconds.jrgallag


Play-Doh was created to be used as a spot cleaner for walls.Gestaltist The next one is so crazy you might not believe it. But it’s true…

Corn Flakes

Cornflakes were created in part to stop masturbation and excessive sexMuadDave


Lysol was originally marketed as a douche and used as birth control.PardiAnimal


Nintendo started out making playing cards, spent a brief period as a taxi and hotel company and then moved into toy manufacturing in the 1960s. They didn’t get into the video games market until 1974.zerbey


Twinkies were originally made with banana flavored creme but due to WW2, I believe they switched to the creme they still use today.brg0008

Cereal Aisle

Go to your local grocery store and look at the cereal aisle. Look at the eyes on the mascots. They’re looking down. At the child. Their target market. The ones they want to identify with.danetrain05 Share this with someone who would find this fascinating!