20 Weird Little Inconsistencies in ‘Friends’ That Will Make Real Fans Furious

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The sitcom Friends ran for 10 years: a really long time for a sitcom. And while the show gave us tons of memorable moments, hilarious lines, and unforgettable characters, the writers didn’t seem to worry too much about one thing: consistency.

Friends may have been one of the funniest shows on TV and definitely one of the most quotable (“We were on a break!” is burned into all of our brains) but sometimes it seemed like the writers completely forgot the things they made up about the characters.

Maybe this wouldn’t be a huge deal if you were watching week to week like we did in olden times, but once you start binging, some of these mistakes become a lot more obvious.

Here are some of the most annoying inconsistencies in Friends.

In the beginning of the show, Monica’s apartment is number 5 and Chandler and Joey’s apartment is number 4. Later, they change to 19 and 20. Maybe the apartment building had an emergency numbering meeting and decided to change all the numbers, but more than likely the show realized most apartment buildings number their units by the floor they are on. The numbers 4 and 5 would imply first floor units. We know their apartments are not on the first floor because they are always walking up and down the stairs, so the writers gave them higher numbers.

In the pilot episode, Rachel has escaped from her own wedding and in the coffee shop, Monica introduces her to everyone. This includes Chandler, and the two act as though they’ve never met. But later, we see several flashbacks that proves this not ot be true. Ross brings Chandler home with him from college a few times when Monica has Rachel over. (And in one case, cuts off Chandler’s toe trying to be sexy, we’ve all been there.) In another, Rachel and Chandler actually kiss at a college party. Perhaps we are to assume Chandler was too drunk to remember Rachel from the party (pretty likely) or that he was too traumatized from the toe incident to remember her from Thanksgiving (less likely), but most likely the show just kind of messed up in the pilot.

Friends is never consistent with the characters’ ages, sometimes Rachel is said to be the youngest of the group, sometimes it’s Joey. But the most glaring error is Ross’s age. He states that he is 29 in three separate seasons, even though each of those seasons has a Christmas and Thanksgiving episode, so we know the years are passing. Did Ross somehow perfect a time machine that he was obviously using to go back in time to visit dinosaurs or did the show just forget to make him age? Probably the latter, but you can’t totally rule out the time machine thing, Ross was pretty obsessed with his job.

The show isn’t quite sure when Ross was born. In one episode, Gunther asks Rachel when her birthday is and Ross states that his birthday is in December. But in another episode Ross states that his birthday is October 18. When’s your birthday Ross?!

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Either Carol is part elephant or the show made a big mistake when it came to how long she was pregnant. Ross’s son Ben was born at the end of the first season, but at some point in the series we see a flashback to a year before Rachel ditched her wedding in the pilot. And guess who is pregnant? That’s right, Carol, the woman with a disturbingly long gestation period. If Carol was pregnant with Ben a year before the pilot, but Ben wasn’t born until the end of the first season, which means she was pregnant for well over a year! The next inconsistency will make you wonder if Joey somehow got dumber the older he got, read on to find out!

One of Joey’s funniest scenes is when he calls his Adam’s apple a “Joey’s apple” claiming that he thought they were named after the person who had them. Or did he? In an earlier episode, Joey says he went on a date with a woman who had a huge Adam’s apple, not knowing that women don’t have them. He obviously knew what they were called at one point, when did he forget?

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In one episode Ross admits that he doesn’t like ice cream because it’s too cold. But in multiple other episodes, we see him enjoying an ice cream with no problem. It wouldn’t be a big deal if Ross had just casually mentioned he didn’t like ice cream (maybe he changed his mind, ice cream is amazing, after all), but the show makes a really big deal about it being a “weird” thing about him and then completely forgets about his distaste for it.

Quirky Phoebe has a lot of inconsistencies throughout the show, but most of them you can chalk up to her just being kind of strange. But one of her main character traits is that she is a vegetarian and claims to have been one most of her life. (Except when she was pregnant and Joey took on vegetarianism for her). But in an episode in the first season, Monica makes a meat lasagna and Phoebe eats it without a problem! So either Phoebe isn’t super strict about her vegetarianism, or it just slipped the mind of the writers that a meat lasagna would not be vegetarian-friendly.

In several episodes, it’s stated that Phoebe speaks French. She even tries to help Joey learn lines in French for a show, proving she has a pretty solid knowledge of the language. But in a later episode, she doesn’t know that a sous chef is someone who works under a chef. The word “sous” means “under” in French, so someone who speaks French should be able to figure that out pretty easily. Maybe she was just flustered by talking to a cute chef, but that seems like a stretch since it’s a pretty common word. Plus, her best friend is a chef! Surely she would be at least a little familiar with how kitchen hierarchy works.

We all know Chandler isn’t the most athletic guy himself, but the show isn’t quite sure how he feels about sports. In one Thanksgiving episode he claims to just be pretending to understand football so he doesn’t have to help Monica cook, but in other episodes we see him watching and enjoying football, not to mention attending sporting events in New York. So does he like sports or not? Did Ross lose his virginity twice? Find out on the next page!

In one episode Ross reveals he’d never slept with anyone before Carol, but in a leter episode Chandler tells the gang that Ross slept with their cleaning lady in college. So which is it? It’s possible that Ross just didn’t count the cleaning lady, since he was obviously embarrassed by the encounter, but it seems like maybe the show just forgot that Ross was supposed to be a virgin until Carol.

The view from Monica’s windows is always changing. In some episodes the kitchen window shows a brick wall, in other we can see windows from another apartment and in others we can even see a skyline!

In one episode, Chandler suggests getting a pinball machine and keeping it in the spare room. Monica vetoes the idea immediately. But in another episode, she gets a Ms. Pacman game from Phoebe and has no problem putting it in the spare room. Maybe it was just one of those things where if you’re partner suggests it it’s a terrible idea, but if you suggest it it’s a great idea, but it still seems strange that she’d dp such a 180 on the arcade game thing and Chandler wouldn’t at the very least point out her hypocrisy.

In the first few seasons, Monica’s apartment has a support beam between the kitchen and the living room. Ben even bumps his head on it in one episode! But in later seasons, the beam is just magically gone! Where did it go? Did Monica’s apartment undergo some major renovations and are we sure it is structurally sound?

On a date Monica tells Chandler to slip the host money so they can get into a restaurant, but Chandler says he doesn’t know how. He asks Monica if it was something Richard used to do. But he already knows the answer because a few years earlier he imitated Richard slipping money with Joey! In an earlier episode we see Joey and Chandler practicing the skill and Richard even comments that they are getting good. Apparently slipping money isn’t like riding a bike, you do forget! There was something totally off about Monica and Chandler’s wedding date. Read on to find out why they must have switched days.

This one falls under: somebody wrote an episode without checking a calendar. When Monica is planning her wedding, she tells people that she is getting married on May 15. Unfortunately, the writers obviously didn’t think it through because that year May 15 fell on a Tuesday, not exactly the ideal date for a wedding. But even if Chandler and Monica were planning on having a lovely Tuesday wedding, later on in the show Monica changes her voicemail message to say that if someone is calling after Saturday, it would be the Mr. and Mrs. Bing residence. So they did get married on a Saturday like normal people!

Before Chandler proposes, Monica puts her name down on a list to have a wedding at a museum. Chandler hears a message from the museum, setting off drama and eventually his proposal. But then the museum is never mentioned again and they don’t actually get married there. Maybe things just didn’t work out? But she was already on the list!

One episode revolves around the fact that Chandler has trouble expressing his emotions, he can’t cry. But…we’ve seen him cry in previous episodes, so maybe the problem isn’t as bad as he thinks?

In the pilot episode, Phoebe is shown talking to Rachel in Monica’s apartment kitchen. The camera pans to the living room and suddenly she’s also sitting there! Can Phoebe be in two places at once?! She does have an identical twin sister, maybe Ursula snuck into the apartment.

When Rachel and Ross get married in Las Vegas, they draw on each other’s faces with permanent ink. They can’t get the ink off! But in the next episode, which takes place the next morning, there is no trace of the ink at all. How’d they do it? Do you know someone who is the world’s biggest Friends fan? Share this article with them and see how many of these inconsistencies they caught!