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No matter how wealthy you are, I bet you'd probably appreciate having some extra money, right? You could use it to support a hobby, bulk up your savings, save up for a vacation, or just have in case of an emergency. But if you're already working full-time, you might think you're at capacity for how much money you can bring into your home. Not so, my friend!

In fact, there are all kinds of things you can do to earn a little extra money on the side. You could get an additional part-time job, although those can sometimes be even more stressful than your main job. You can also work for companies like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, or Postmates if you want to set your own hours.

However, those aren't your only options. There are a bunch of other options for making money that doesn't necessarily involve you working for another company.

All you need to do is choose one (or maybe a couple).

A recent AskReddit thread asked people to share what they do (besides a job) to make extra money on the side. Some of them actually sound pretty fun!

Participate in clinical studies.

I'm poor but I participate in clinical studies for the NIH as a healthy volunteer. Pay is pretty decent ($150-$250) per session, and since I'm too poor to afford health insurance it comes with the added benefit of providing me with free physicals and STD testing. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me and for many of the studies you only need a functioning human body to qualify.papigrande

Become a mystery diner.

Mystery diner/evaluator for upscale restaurants.  Doesn't pay super well ($15 per gig) but I get reimbursed for mine and my guest's meals + drinks. Just did a mystery shop at a really fancy steakhouse and spent about $200 on food and drinks. I have to write a full-on essay afterward scrutinizing every detail but it's totally worth it. I love fancy food and I'm a pretty fast writer.Malchicky

House sit.

Being a 22-year-old that doesn't have much time for anything other than school and work, I house sit for people while they're out of town. You just have to go home to someone else's house for a while, and for me, I love it. I live in a tiny apartment and staying at an actual house with a full sized kitchen is like a vacation that I get paid for.SadHurry

Become a nude model.

I moonlight as a nude model for the local life drawing class. I originally freelanced for the local college, but since I'm currently taking one of the art programs, ehhhhh. .....The only big requirement is you have to be OK being naked in a room full of strangers. And usually, you're the only one. The nice thing about this is you're not expected to be a perfect specimen of the species, a good artist will want a variety of body types for reference. Plus it puts the whole "having a nightmare about being naked at work" in a whole new light.Blue_Moon_Rabbit

Sell 3-D models.

Sell 3-D models. You would be surprised how much money you can make just by sitting down, learning how to use Blender, and selling models to game designers and animators. A friend of mine (high-schooler) has been doing it a while and made $4000 last month. I've started doing it a couple months ago and already have $500 in my PayPal. Use sites like turbosquid to sell.Spartan_Goose

Be a test patient.

I work as a standardized patient for the local medical schools. Basically, I play a scripted role so the students can practice difficult scenarios without harming actual patients. The other day I got 12 testicular exams performed on me. I'm a female.Nikki-is-sweet

Walk dogs!

Here in Spain, dog walking. I just moved here and miss my dog dearly(staying with parents for next 8 months while I go to school), so I randomly messaged a dog walking FB page. Told them I would love to walk dogs for them once in a while. Met with the lady who started the company and she said 100% I can. I’m not under contract or anything, but whenever she is overwhelmed with dogs, she calls me. I take them for a walk for a couple hours and play with them, and she pays me 25 euros(she charges the customer 30 and keeps 5 as her commission). Honestly, I would have done it for free but the extra money is cool for beer and food funds. I walk and play with a dog for a couple hours 3-4 times a week and make 80-100 euros for it. It helps me cope with missing my dog, and playing with dogs is just awesome on its own. Just msg some dog walking company on FB or whatever, and I’m sure they could use extra help. –Yoinkie2013

Shop at Disney (if you live nearby).

My sister lives near Disneyland and has a season pass. She takes peoples orders for exclusive stuff from the park and she goes there and picks it all up and uses that time to get her steps in for the day walking around and also making money getting stuff for people and then sells/ships it to them. people will pay a lot of money for the Disney stuff that you can only get in the park.savvyxxl

Sell stuff on eBay.

I've sold stuff on eBay.... whether it was things lying around the house to actually going to flea markets and finding stuff to sell. Found an N64 with 10 games for 5 dollars. Sold 1 of the games for $27 dollars alone.atticuslodius

Fix computers.

Computer repair. You'll be surprised how bad people are with these things and how much they are willing to spend to get their sh*t fixed.smartass09

Use your truck to pick up trash.

If you have a pickup truck and are somewhat athletic you could work for Valet Living. You use your own truck to gather trash from an entire apartment complex (every floor) and then dump all said trash in the compactor at the end of the night. It's a low-stress job. I can dress however, I don't have to speak to anyone, I get my cardio in for the week, as well as a chance to listen to music uninterrupted. This is my second job as my first job is as an accountant. It's helping me pay off some debt and save up for vacations.Winnie_28

Bring your empties to the scrap yard.

If you drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi and such, keep the cans. A garbage bag worth of aluminum cans can be worth bringing to the scrap yard. ALWAYS return your beer and liquor empties!JamesNonstop

Sell stuff from Marshall's.

When I was unemployed in NYC, I would go to the discount stores like Marshall's, T.J.Maxx etc. and buy discounted luxury products such as Prada and Gucci handbags on my credit card. I would then come home and list them for sale on eBay; the opening bid would be whatever I paid (including tax). I would often make a nice 20 - 40 percent margin on reselling the item. If the item did not sell within a week, I would return it to the store for a full refund on my card. I also did this with Tickle-Me-Elmos at a time when they were the "hot" Christmas gift and stores around the U.S. were running out. The margins we around 20-25 percent, but I would buy and sell 8-10 at a time.Spin-Me


I paint. It's an incredibly dull thing that people hate doing. It's not hard. A steady hand and decent angled brush for cutting and your pretty much good to go. I do other handyman things if needed except drywall. I do not have the talent for it.PM-ME-XBOX-LIVE-GOLD

Teach English.

Teach English online. Easy as f**k and some companies I know pay 20 to 25 bucks an hour.fsartori

Hem people's clothes.

Learn how to hem pants and skirts. It's really simple. When someone in the workplace says "I need to get these pants hemmed" jump in and say "I can do that!!" You can easily make an extra 20-30 bucks per pair of slacks you hem.lebaneseblondechick

Clean out foreclosed homes.

I clean out foreclosed homes. I make on average $2500 in take home for 3 or 4 days work. I take about 10 contracts a year. All you need to get started is whatever it costs to rent a dumpster.rodalorn

Donate plasma.

Donate plasma. Biolife will pay you $70/week (sometimes more) to sit in a chair with a needle in your arm for an hour twice a week.guitarkow

Do basic car maintenance for people.

Basic car maintenance service. You'd be surprised how many people in an apartment complex don't wanna change their own oil, patch a tire cause of a nail, alternator belt replacement, etc.S62anyone

Sell "haunted" dolls.

Buy dolls from thrift stores and yard sales and then sell them as haunted online.VampirateRum

Sell cute videos of your dog.

My wife and I made some cute dog videos on YouTube. The licenses for some of them were bought. In total, we made about $2,500 from companies wanted to share the videos on their own sites.AnotherDrunkCanadian

Run a Minecraft server.

I run a Minecraft server. With a few weeks of coding plugins, I made something that people apparently find interesting, and I sell crate keys (similar to csgo) that give people extra items and stuff. It’s made me a... surprising amount of money, for only a few weeks of true effort.Sviodo

Board other people's dogs.

Dog boarding. Most months, we make enough to cover the mortgage. And we get to have dogs around.failure_engineer

Referee rec sports.

If you have a thick skin, referee or umpire rec sports. Games are always outside of normal business hours since the players work too. I used to do soccer refereeing. I figured I was being paid to exercise (and be yelled at).whatireallythink4

Take advantage of your credit card rewards.

Use my credit card to buy things that I'm going to buy anyway and then paying it off before 30 days. Then I use the cash rewards to buy fun things.DrDew00

Become a tutor.

Tutor children in something you are good at. Right now I tutor elementary kids in chess and get paid around 80 dollars an hour. It helps with college costs and the flexibility in hours makes it a nice part-time gig.loli333

Sell LEGO bricks.

Buy Lego sets at a discounted price, part it out then sell the pieces on a site called brick link.Rosco_101

Become a social media influencer.

I post pictures of myself wearing contacts lenses on Instagram and get a commission every time someone uses my promo code.GirlWhoLarps

Raid the trash.

I drive thru rich neighborhoods on trash night and take stuff that people throw away. Last week, I found 2 kids scooters in great condition and I sold them on the Facebook Marketplace for 25 dollars.Riflemaiden1992 Share this with someone who could use a little extra cash!