A Wendy's manager has been fired after they were caught on camera cussing at a woman.

Sophia Cargill, a general manager in training at a Wendy's store in Kalamazoo, Michigan, recorded an assistant manager, named as Michael, cussing at her, calling her a b**ch and "f***ing lazy" after the fast-food joint had closed for the day.

Sophia filmed the incident and posted it to TikTok where it has since gone viral with more than 30,000 views.

In the video, Michael can be heard shouting at Sophia, calling her a "b**ch" as he walks past.

Sophia then tells Michael she had him on camera calling her that, before adding that it would be the end of the road of him.

To which he confidently responds: "No it's not."

Michael also told Sophia in the video he had the right to disrespect her, before yelling that she doesn't have permission to record him. However, Sophia continued recording as she argued "this is a public restaurant."

Sophia then claims that Michael had been screaming at her "for 5 minutes straight" after going on a "power trip."

In a follow up video posted just 2 days later, Sophia also revealed that she had been suspended without pay following the incident, but Michael did not get suspended at all.

And people are disgusted at the treatment she's received.

"This is absolutely despicable. No one should need to endure being called names at work. I think I'm done with Wendy's," one person commented under the video.

"Omg the disrespect and wonder why people dont want to work fast food sorry honey that happened to u, did right record," said another.

"Wow that's so messed up he has no right to talk to you like that," added a third.

After the video went viral, a spokesperson for Wendy's told TMZ that Michael has since been fired from his role as assistant manager and Sophia has been reinstated with back pay.

"We have no tolerance for harassment in the workplace. Upon learning of this situation, we acted immediately following our protocols and suspended those involved to run a thorough investigation," the spokesperson added.