We're Never Sleeping Again After Seeing Photos of a Little Girl's Creepy Doll Hobby | 22 Words

We all did weird stuff to our toys growing up that maybe made our parents wonder if we were completely normal. Whether it was chopping off all your Barbies hair (and immediately sobbing when you realized it was never going to grow back) or melting your army men with a magnifying glass, the urge to destroy toys is probably pretty normal for kids. But most of us destroyed things in a way that wouldn't give our parents and older siblings nightmares. The same cannot be said for this girl's little sister.


Remember Sid from Toy Story?

The terrifying kid who wore a cool skull shirt and took apart toys to put them back together into Frankenstein monster toys?

Well, this girl's sister is basically a real-life Sid.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. No.

People were NOT happy about it.

This is not how you interact with dolls!

Some people recommended taking serious measures.

You really can't be too careful. It's only a matter of time before she's going to move on to swapping human faces.

Other people made obvious pop culture connections.

Best case scenario she will grow up to own a beet farm while working at a mid-level paper company.

But the girl's sister assured everyone: she's perfectly normal.

That's not how most kids play doctor, but okay.

But, people weren't so sure about that.

Of course that won't happen, right? Right?!

According to her sister, she wants to be a plastic surgeon.

How old is this girl, though? Does she even know what a plastic surgeon is?! We still have questions/concerns.

And not to make any comparisons to a certain fictional serial killer who may or may not have wanted to make a coat of human skin but...

Other people sure did.

In any case, we hope her sister grows up to be a very successful plastic surgeon and/or finds a less creepy hobby.

May we recommend stamp collecting? Knitting? Building tiny ships inside of bottles? Really, anything else.