We’re Obsessed With These 20 Insanely Futuristic Coffee Shops

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You can’t really underestimate the importance of coffee.

It’s the lifeblood for so many people every single day.

And one of the main ways people get their coffee is by visiting cafés.

Some cafés are living in the future. These coffee shops have figured it all out. And you deserve to gaze upon them and marvel at how clever they are…

This coffee shop promotes environmental cleanup

  via Reddit  

If you collect a bucket of litter from the beach, this coffee shop gives you a free cup of coffee! That’s a pretty good deal.

This café has two sizes

  via Reddit  

Biggie. Or Smalls. Clever.

This coffee shop slides the “N” when they’re open

  via Reddit  

It’s either OPEN or NOPE and I appreciate that very, very much.

This café has two hot water temperatures for tea

  via Imgur  

Different types of tea are best steeped at certain temperatures, and this café knows that! This place wants you to have the best cup of tea you can, and I appreciate that. The next one is so simple and so genius…

This coffee shop separates its counter space

  via Reddit  

What a little brilliant thing to delineate just how much counter space you should take up. Amazing.

This coffee shop has cup lids that perfectly hold cookies

  via Reddit  

It makes your little biscuit nice and toasty warm and perfect! What more could you want?

This menu shows you what every drink is made of

  via Reddit  

It’s hard to know the difference between all those espresso drinks. But now, you can take a screenshot of this and always have it with you in case you forget.

This café gives you bubble wrap while you wait for your order

  via Reddit  

What a brilliant move. Honestly, there’s no way I’d rather pass the time waiting for my coffee.

This café’s secret menu is only visible through the mirror

  via Reddit  

Very sneaky! Very clever! The next one is for the tea drinkers in the audience…

This coffee shop gives patrons the perfect tea timer

  via Reddit  

What a great way to tell when you’re tea is done! Also, if you don’t drink it strong, I am not here for you.

This coffee shop lends people umbrellas

  via Reddit  

And you get a free cup of coffee when you return it! What a brilliant idea.

This café’s pies all cost…pi.

  via Reddit  

Pie is pi, you know?! This is really a joke for the math nerds out there.

This coffee shop uses pasta stirrers

  via Reddit  

A hard piece of linguine works perfectly as a coffee stirrer and it’s biodegradable! It’s a win-win!

This coffee shop makes its ice cubes out of coffee

  via Reddit  

It’s brilliant! Your coffee doesn’t get watered down as the ice melts… It actually gets stronger. The next one is amazing…

This coffee shop charges you less for being polite

  via Reddit  

If you kindly ask for a coffee at this Korean coffee shop, you’ll get a discount! It’s a little sad that people need this incentive, but it’s a good idea nonetheless.

This coffee shop prints your picture on your latté

  via Reddit  

This is like…a little far. I’m narcissistic, sure, but I don’t want to drink myself.

This coffee shop is a VW bug

  via Reddit  

OK when this guy said he was running a coffee shop out of his car, I didn’t expect it to be this adorable.

This coffee shop has their creamer on tap

  via Reddit  

The milk stays icy cold and you get to pour it right into your coffee cup! How fun!

This coffee shop gives away used coffee grounds

  via Reddit  

Waste not, want not! This coffee shop gives away its used coffee grounds for people to use in their compost bins! Share this with the person in your life who loves coffee the most!