Since the creation of smartphones, many women have had the experience of receiving a creepy and unwanted photo of a certain part of a man's body. So it's understandable that this New Jersey woman was a bit suspicious when an unknown man sent her a private photo on Twitter.

But, it turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to her, and the amazing story that would unfold because of it will make you believe in true love.

Meet Elle Howley.

via: Twitter

She's an aspiring beauty guru from New Jersey with a slight addiction to the game Animal Crossing and a hilarious social media presence. In March of 2016, Howley received a message on Twitter that would change everything.

It was from a guy she had never met before, and the message was a bit .. .shall we say ... off-putting.

via: Twitter

"I'm gonna send you a pic of my Gundam," it said. For those of you unfamiliar, "Gundam," refers to the "Gundam series," a Japanese TV series featuring robots who wear suits known as Gundams, hence the name. Building plastic models of said Gundams is a popular hobby among fans of the series.

However, when Howley first received the message, her mind instantly went somewhere else.

She seemed to think that the "Gundam" the young man was referring to was something else entirely, and she prepared herself for a photo that she would in no way want to look at.

But, in a shocking twist, he was indeed talking about an actual plastic model.

Howley posted this update after her initial comment. This "Gundam guy" simply wanted to show off his handiwork. And yes, it was totally adorable.

Howley reiterated her surprise and clarified what she was actually expecting.

We totally get it. When a guy you don't know sends you a message proclaiming his intent to show you his Gundam, it's hard not to expect the worst. But the surprises didn't end there...

Roughly a month after the first exchange, the two met face to face.

via: Twitter

And no, it was not planned. They just happened to run into each other. They even attended the same high school but didn't meet until April of 2016. And even from that first chance meeting, Elle said she could see herself marrying him.

Soon after meeting, the two started dating.

These photos were posted a month after that first meeting, and they're not the only ones. Elle's social media accounts began filling up with pics of the two of them, all glammed up at weddings, cuddling on the beach, or hanging out at home with Elle's pet parakeet and his bearded dragon. Elle even spent a few days in the hospital for some minor surgeries, and Gundam guy — whose real name is John Grasso — was right by her side the whole time.

Then, on November 21, 2017, it happened.

"On our first date we talked about wanting to go to the city of Boston and we finally did just this week," wrote Grasso on his Instagram account. "I took her ice skating and asked a couple to snap a photo of us. Then I said 'One more!' and you can see how that turned out."

Elle tweeted their love story summed up in four photos, and the internet basically lost it.

The post has received 409K likes and has been retweeted 139K times (so far). "It was such a whirlwind of excitement and the day itself was so perfect," Elle tweeted. "I love him so much." What started as a suspected "dick pic" blossomed into a full-blown fairytale. Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Gundam!