Parents Are Worried About Whether Their Child Is an 'Eshay' | 22 Words

So-called "Eshays" are taking over and we've got all the low down on this growing sub-culture...

​As parents, you hope that your child grows up to be successful...


All children have their own ambitions and dreams and as a parent, you can only hope that they manage to achieve everything they set out to do.

But success isn't always measured by how much money they have, or what job they do...


​It comes from who they become as people, and a lot of parents use this as a reflection of their parenting skills.

But of course, there are obstacles already in the way...


So much time and effort goes into teaching your child the fundamentals of right and wrong, but sometimes, society has other plans for them.

All children go through what we like to refer to as "phases," right?


Or, you just hope they're phases...

And often, they are perpetuated by the friendship group they fall into.


Friends can have a huge influence over what kind of person your child will become.

After all, they do say "you will be judged by the company you keep."

And while we have the more stereotypical cliques here in the States, for a country down under, there's one sub-culture that is growing faster than others...

And it's really concerning parents.

In Australia, some parents are looking for tell-tale signs that their child might be becoming what is known as an "eshay."

​Now, I bet you're all wondering what on earth one of those is...

Here's a list of things that can constitute a child falling into the eshay bracket.

1. Wearing a "bum-bag."

AKA a fanny pack, but unlike the ones we might be familiar with, eshays have put their own twist on the product;

They wear their fanny packs around their chests as well as their waists...

Definitely a fashion faux pas if I ever did see one.

2. Wearing "exclusive" brands.

The group also favors certain brands over others and this includes (but is not limited to) Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, and Ellesse.

Who knew Tommy Hilfiger would crumble before the eshays...

Big yikes.

3. Smoking/Vaping.

Don't be surprised if you ever see a cloud of smoke before you see a group of eshays walking through it.

They're generally known to be heavy vapers...

And the more hardcore boys tend to go for a cigarette tucked behind the ear for dramatic effect.

4. Cap and trainer combo.

All I'm getting from eshays so far is that they're walking fashion disasters. With a cap over their greasy locks and trainers on their feet, makes them less likely to be identified while they're running away from the authorities.

5. Threatening behavior.

Despite most of them being pretty young, eshays travel in groups which makes them a little too confident when causing trouble on public transport.

6. "Pig-Latin."

And finally, they love speaking in their own native language.

It seems as though they've created their own words so when they're communicating, any normal person will not know what's going on.

Kind of smart if you're trying to get into illegal activity.

Words include the likes "eetswa" and "illchay"...

And no, I don't know what they mean either.

But if you've noticed 2 or more of these signs in your child...

I hate to break it to you, but they might be falling into an eshay phase. Good luck with that one.

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