What Our Readers Purchased This Month: Tech Devices and Clothing

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As we’re all well aware, Amazon is extremely versatile, selling a wide range of products from tech devices to highly sought-after fashion pieces. However, it can be difficult to find all the best products out there, due to the site being so diverse. You’d be there for months! That’s why we’ve taken the time to list thirty-seven of our readers’ favorite items over the last month, to give you some buying inspiration. 

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, or just want to treat yourself, we’ve picked out a variety of gadgets and clothing essentials that you’re going to love. From a waist-cinching floral romper, and multiple pairs of novelty cat socks, to an emergency crank radio, and a waterproof speaker. You’re not going to want to miss out on this wonderful mix of the best tech and fashion items currently for sale on Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Cozy Grip Socks are Ideal for Lounging

  via Amazon  

These grip socks are ideal to wear indoors, keeping you from slipping while walking on surfaces like wood floors or tiles, as well as keeping your feet toasty warm.

One shopper wrote: “These are perfect and I might just order some more. They come up my leg a little so my ankle isn’t getting cold when I sit and my pants tug up a little. I use them around the house as well as in yoga and pilates class. A great find!”

You Can Even Get Grip Ankle Socks for Babies

  via Amazon  

The strong grip pattern on the bottom of these little socks covers the foot from heel to toe, offering snug support for babies and toddlers as they learn to crawl and walk.

One customer wrote: “These socks are amazing. I bought these for my 14-month-old who is still getting the hang of walking, so the grips on the bottom were a must.”

This Windproof Travel Umbrella is Surprisingly Compact

  via Amazon  

As well as being sturdy and wind-resistant, this umbrella can be folded down to a compact size, meaning you can take it anywhere. Not only that, but once opened, it easily protects up to 2 people from heavy rainfall.

One reviewer wrote: “It secures easily to my laptop bag with a carabiner, and is small and compact, yet fairly sturdy. The feature I love most is the one-button open and close.”

This Pre Tied Neck Tie is a Man’s Best Friend

Trying to tie the perfect tie is something you don’t want to be stressing over every morning, and thanks to this pre-tied tie, you’ll never have to worry about that again. It’s easy to tighten and the fabric is top quality. No one will know it’s fake!

One shopper wrote: “Makes wearing a tie simple and quick, also it accommodates a wide range of neck sizes.”

Get Ready to Make a Statement With This Woven Pre-Tied Bowtie

  via Amazon  

This bowtie is both soft and durable and pairs well with formal and party outfits, it also comes in a variety of colors to match any outfit. Not to mention it’s highly sophisticated!

One customer wrote: “I am actively trying to bring back the bowtie. I get lots of compliments on this and love how it compliments anything I am wearing.”

This High Quality Leather Belt is Super Affordable

This double loop leather belt can be paired with suit pants, chinos, or jeans and will finish off your outfit perfectly, giving it a sophisticated feel.

One reviewer wrote: “I was more than pleasantly surprised at the quality and workmanship in this belt. The color was exactly as portrayed on Amazon.
The size was perfect as advertised.”

This Universal Neck Phone Holder Features a Card Pocket

  via Amazon  

Everyone can benefit from this phone holder, from students to concert-goers, this phone strap provides convenient and easy access to your phone. It also has a section to store your cards, meaning you can securely wear your phone and credit card around your neck, without compromising on comfort.

One shopper wrote: “This is great for holding my phone when I am riding my bike, walking my dogs, going to the store, etc!! It is very comfortable on my neck! It doesn’t bounce or hit me when walking or riding my bike.”

This Cell Phone Holder is Ideal for Anyone Who Has A Habit of Dropping Their Phone

  via Amazon  

If you like keeping hold of your phone while exercising or doing other activities, then the comfortable hand strap on this phone holder will allow you to safely keep a grip on your phone while accessing all your apps.

One customer wrote: “I walk a lot and don’t always have a pocket to hold my phone. I love this phone holder which is perfect for when I’m walking.”

This Cell Phone Wallet Keeps All Your Cards Safe

  via Amazon  

Not only does this wallet fit neatly on the back of your cell phone, but it also doesn’t block your camera, buttons, or ports, meaning you still have full function of your phone. The 4 slots will also keep your cards totally secured.

One reviewer wrote: “After having purchased so many wallets for cases in the past, this one is by far the best one I’ve ever had. It allows for me to put 5 cards in there while being able to strongly mount it to my phone car mount. It’s great.”

This Charging Station Works Great for Households With Multiple Devices

  via Amazon  

This charging station has 6 USB ports, which are compatible with smartphones, tablets, earbuds, and many other devices. The dock will charge your devices up to fifty-eight percent faster than other chargers too, so you’ll never be out of charge.

One shopper wrote: “Perfect for our needs. I can charge all three iPads, a pair of AirPods, my oldest son’s cell phone, and a set of wireless headphones without anyone fighting over a charger or wall box.”

This Phone Mount Fits Securly to Your Bike

  via Amazon  

The mount is compatible with smartphones and satnavs up to 3.7″ wide and is the ultimate bike accessory. It allows for unobstructed access to buttons, headphone jack, and keeps the whole screen-free!

One customer wrote: “I am using the phone mount on my road bike. It is simply awesome – very secure, easy to install.”

This Wireless Doorbell Kit is Portable

  via Amazon  

This wireless doorbell is made to connect within a wide range of 1,000 feet. And you won’t have to worry about getting it fitted, as it’s battery-operated, making it super easy to install.

One reviewer wrote: “Easy to install, different volume settings, can pair front and back to the same sound, the battery only needed for the outside button (not the indoor chime), the only problem is fighting with my wife over which of the 50 odd sounds to use.”

This Reading Light is a Game Changer for Reading Books in Bed

  via Amazon  

This book light offers 3 lighting modes. Amber lighting eliminates ninety-nine percent of harmful blue light, reducing eye strain and allowing for better sleep. White light is gentle and aids in better concentration, while natural daylight improves clarity, making them ideal for studying and working.

One shopper wrote: “I absolutely love these lights! They are perfect for bed reading or anywhere you want a dimmer light than most lamps.”

This Sports Bra Has Removable Pads

  via Amazon  

This padded sports bra is comfortable and well structured, meaning you can wear it for any type of workout, from yoga to high impact. You can also remove the pads to suit you.

One customer wrote: “This is the perfect workout tank! Good support but not flattening. It’s super flattering and a perfect length for anything high-waisted. I’d even wear this as a going-out top!”

This Long Sleeve Knit Tee Looks Great on Any Body Type

  via Amazon  

The soft, breathable fabric, makes this top perfect for everyday wear. And the relaxed fit also looks great dressed up or down.

One reviewer wrote: “The sleeves are nice and long. I have a hard time finding sleeves long enough. These are perfect. This is a nice looking and comfy shirt. I’m thinking this is my new favorite casual shirt.”

These High Waisted Leggings Give You the Perfect Figure

  via Amazon  

The high waistband on these leggings comfortably holds everything in for that perfect hourglass shape. It will also keep your leggings in place, stopping any unwanted sagging.

One shopper wrote: “These are definitely my new favorite leggings, I own them in 4 colors and plan to buy more. The colors of the actual leggings are just as bold and vibrant as the photos which I love.”

This Floral Print Mini Dress Romper is a Head Turner

  via Amazon  

This romper is ideal for any occasion and flatters any body shape. Its flared skirt gives the impression of a cinched waist, while the puffed sleeves take the attention away from those stubborn areas.

One customer wrote: “If you wear this romper, be prepared for lots of approving stares, attention, and compliments! The first time I wore it (on Miami Beach) ladies were stopping to compliment me and ask where I got this outfit.”

This Casual Loose Blouse is Anything But Casual

  via Amazon  

You can easily dress this blouse up or down and is ideal to give you more coverage during the colder months, while still looking chic.

One reviewer wrote: “There are so many details on this top! It’s very good quality, I love the black because it looks classy and perfect for a date night top this is actually comfortable!”

This Loose Casual Tee is a Wardrobe Staple

  via Amazon  

This loose-fit tee is so versatile. You can pair it under a jacket, with jeans, leggings, or a skirt in spring, summer, fall, and winter. It really is a wardrobe must-have!

One shopper wrote: “I like the material and the sleeves add interesting detail. It covers my arms just in the right place. I love the v neck style of this shirt.”

This Full-Zip Hoodie is Lightweight and Warm

  via Amazon  

This cotton-blend fleece keeps you warm and comfortable on those cold winter days. And the best part is, they come in a wide range of colors.

One customer wrote: “Love this jacket. I usually wear a med but I ordered large because I wanted it roomy and comfy in case I want to layer my clothes. Not too thick or heavy, good for the winter”

This Casual Leopard Print Top is Stylish and Comfortable

  via Amazon  

If you want an all-rounder to add to your collection, then this is it. The high-quality print design and soft material of this t-shirt make it a perfect addition to your wardrobe, no matter what the season.

One reviewer wrote: “Love this shirt!! Super casual and cute. Dress it up with some cute jeans and a cardigan or wear super casually with some shorts!”

These Cute Cat Novelty Socks Are the Purr-fect Gift

  via Amazon  

These socks are not only super cute but also incredibly comfortable. The fabric is soft, durable, and stretchy, ideal for lounging around the house. They are a wonderful gift for all pet lovers out there.

One shopper wrote: “We love these socks, my mom wears them, my daughter, and so do I. They’re cute, but most importantly, good quality & very comfortable.”

This Winter Scarf Has All the Fall Colors

  via Amazon  

This wrap scarf is extremely soft and warm. The oversized plaid shawl can also be opened up and used as a blanket, so you’re really getting your money’s worth.

One customer wrote: “I love how big this is, love the colors and the softness. It would be wonderful as a travel scarf on a plane, or as an oversized scarf. The fabric is not bulky but it is densely woven and very soft. The colors are in that wonderful earthy cottage core group. I love it!”

This Basic Witch Top is Great for Those Who Love All Things Witchy

  via Amazon  

Halloween might have been and gone, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop showing our love for it. This top is the perfect gift for your witchy friends who also enjoy their fair share of pumpkin-spiced lattes.

One reviewer wrote: “This top is really nice quality, kind of like the graphic tees you can get at Target. Nice material with stretch.”

This Faux Suede Skirt Really Gives Off a Christmas Vibe

  via Amazon  

The faux suede material and button-down fastenings give this skirt a high-class feeling, and the color is just ideal for winter. Just make sure to stock up on tights!

One shopper wrote: “When I got the skirt out of the bag, I couldn’t believe how soft it felt. It feels soft and a nice mix of velvety and suede feel.”

These Fleece Lined Tights Come in a Range of Colors

  via Amazon  

These opaque elastic tights shape your legs and are fleece-lined to keep you warm in cold weather. They’re also available in a wide range of colors.

One customer wrote: “They are incredible! The material seems very durable and warm, and yet the tights are so light feeling. The inside is very soft and comfortable.”

This Cell Phone Stand Has a Speaker and Anti Slip Base

  via Amazon  

This phone holder can be positioned at multiple angles, making hands-free listening even easier. Letting you enjoy your music, videos, and FaceTime with crisp sound.

One reviewer wrote: “This speaker has great sound quality. My favorite thing about it is I have been using it since I took it out of the box, I have not charged it once!! I use it every day for hours and am not sure how it is doing it but it is going strong. Highly recommend.”

Your Kids Wont Be Able To Put This Writing Tablet Down

  via Amazon  

The LCD writing tablet has 10 inches of writing and drawing space for kids to run wild with their imagination. The colorful screen also protects little eyes from damage, even after long-term use.

One shopper wrote: “I purchased this tablet as a gift for my 6-year-old, but of course I had to try it out before wrapping it. I liked the concept so much that I ended up purchasing a two-pack of another brand, one for myself and one for my 3-year-old.”

This Phone Screen Magnifier is Also a Phone Stand

  via Amazon  

The screen magnifier instantly makes the content on your smartphone easier to see, so you can enjoy your favorite shows, social media pages, and even recipes without squinting.

One customer wrote: “I like watching movies on my phone. I have a big screen size but I am older and have diminished eyesight. This screen is just the right size to help!”

This Clock Fan Has Real Time Display

  via Amazon  

Simply plug this novelty clock fan into any USB port on your laptop or PC to create a gentle breeze, while simultaneously giving you the time. It’s an office must-have!

One reviewer wrote: “Everyone who sees me uses my little clock fan wants to get one! It works so well and is perfect for anyone who works in an office that is warm.”

These Headphones Let You Sleep on Your Side Comfortably

  via Amazon  

This Bluetooth headband allows you to listen to music while you sleep without feeling uncomfortable. they’re also suitable for gym, running, and many other outdoor activities.

One shopper wrote: “I love love love these! I have been suffering from insomnia for over a year. Partly because my husband snores so loudly. I’ve tried regular earbuds, which fall out, sleep aids, you name it. Nothing else was working, so finally broke down and bought these. I’m so glad I did!”

These Heated Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Warm While You Work

  via Amazon  

If you’re anything like me, you know how uncomfortable it is when your hands get cold at work. Well, thanks to these USB hand-warming gloves, you’ll have toasty hands all day long.

One customer wrote: “These are great while working from home on my laptop since you do need to be plugged into a USB while using. These are comfortably warm, they do not get scorching hot.”

These Wireless Earbuds Come With a Wireless Charging Case

  via Amazon  

These earbuds last for 6 hours on a single charge and are waterproof, meaning you can wear them at the gym without worrying about sweat affecting their performance.

One reviewer wrote: “These earbuds are of amazing quality for an amazing price. They have a great sound quality and are very comfortable.”

This Wireless Charger is Compatible With All the Latest Smart Phones

  via Amazon  

If you’re looking for a fast charger that charges a whole range of smart devices, then this is the one to get. It’s compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and a variety of wireless earbuds.

One shopper wrote: “Works great with my iPhone XS Max. I use this charger every night and have had no problems. I ordered another one for the office.”

This Portable Speaker is Louder Than it Looks

  via Amazon  

You can play this speaker for up to fourteen hours with great-sounding bass and clear crisp notes. Not to mention, it’s also waterproof, so it makes a great outdoor speaker.

One customer wrote: “Best speaker I’ve ever purchased. Great sound, loud, battery lasts longer than any other speaker I’ve had.”

This Crank Radio is Vital in Emergencies

  via Amazon  

The battery in this radio can charge more than one smartphone and includes a super-bright 3 mode flashlight and motion sensor reading lamp. It also features a hand crank, so you’ll never run out of power.

One reviewer wrote: “This is an amazing device! It does everything it claims to do and does it well! Charging the device: There is almost no tension in the hand crank, making it effective and easy to use.”

This Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is Better For Your Hands

  via Amazon  

The structure of this mouse makes for smoother movement and less overall strain in your wrist and hand during the day, helping alleviate pain and discomfort brought on by poor positioning.

One shopper wrote: “This item is great. The ease of use and following the curvature of my hand is really beneficial.”