What the 20 Hottest Sex Symbols from the ’80s Look Like Now

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Remember the ’80s?  The hair was big, the music was rock, and the most popular movies weren’t complete without a hot love interest. But what do they look like now?

Scroll through and find out.

The better question would be what movie didn’t Molly Ringwald star in? From The Breakfast Club to Pretty in Pink, Ringwald was THE eighties it girl.

These days, Ringwald plays Mary Andrews on the CW drama Riverdale. She also had a cameo in Not Another Teen movie as a disgusted flight attendant.

2. Sean Young – Blade Runner

In Ridley Scott’s science fiction masterpiece, we’re introduced to Rachel, a replicant who doesn’t know she isn’t human. Played by Sean Young, Rachel became an instant movie favorite.

Now, Sean Young is stepping back into the acting field by reprising her role as Rachel in Blade Runner 2049.

3. Daryl Hannah – Splash

In 1984, Daryl Hannah swam into our hearts by playing the mermaid Madison in the movie Splash. 

Hannah still takes occasional acting roles. One of her more prominent roles was playing cold-hearted assassin Elle Driver in Kill Bill as well as Angelica on Sense8.

4. Brooke Shields – Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon was one of the biggest films of 1980 and it starred 14-year-old Brook Shields as Emmaline LeStrange, a young girl who is shipwrecked on an island with her cousin. Things quickly take a turn for the steamy.

Over the years, Shields has added onto her robust modeling and acting portfolio, and recently had a season-long role on Law and Order: SVU.

5. Kelly LeBrock – Weird Science

In 1985, the movie Weird Science burst into theaters and introduced us to actress Kelly LeBrock, who played a “perfect woman” created by a pair of teenaged nerds.

LeBrock is still taking the occasional acting role and most recently played Queen Ariana in A Prince For Christmas. She’s also had stints on Celebrity Fit Club and Hell’s Kitchen.

6. Glenn Close – Fatal Attraction

In the 1980’s, there were actresses, and then there was Glenn Close. One of the most famed femme fatales of her day, Close played the deranged Alex Forrest in the film Fatal Attraction.

Close is still acting, most notably in the film Albert Nobbs, where she plays the titular character – a woman who lives her life life as a man in 1800s Dublin.

Cited as the best actress of her generation, Meryl Streep was extremely busy during the eighties, acting in such movies as The French Lieutenant’s Woman and Out of Africa.

Streep is still acting – most notably as the titular antagonist of The Devil Wears Prada. She also has the most Golden Globes nominations and wins of any actress ever.

With roles ranging from Ghostbusters, Aliens, and Gorillas in the Mist, Sigourney Weaver was a very busy action heroine in the eighties.

And she’s still busy now, acting in several sci fi and fantasy movies including Avatar, Finding Dory, and a Monster Calls. Oh, and she was in Exodus: Gods and Kings… as an Egyptian queen… Let that one sink in.

9. Pheobe Cates – Fast Times At Ridgemont High

In 1982, Phoebe Cates played the character Linda Barrett in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In one scene, she emerged from a pool and took off her bikini top, cementing her place in eighties movie history.

Cates has long retired from acting and now has a boutique called Blue Tree in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

10. Jennifer Jason Leigh – Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Where can a list of eighties actresses be without Jennifer Jason Leigh? Like Pheobe Cates, Leigh rose to prominence with the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but from there she starred in such films as Single White Female and Easy Money.

These days, Leigh is writing and directing and still taking on new roles, most notably the role of villain Daisy Domergue in The Hateful Eight.

11. Susan Sarandon – The Witches of Eastwick

In 1987, Susan Sarandon starred in The Witches of Eastwick as Jane, a divorced music teacher who gets a new lust for life when a devilish stranger comes to town.

Since then, Sarandon has been a constant presence in the movies, acting in movies from The Meddler to a witchy queen in Enchanted.

12. Jamie Lee Curtis – Halloween II

One of the original scream queens, Jamie Lee Curtis launched her career with the film Halloween, in which she played a teenager stalked by the psychotic Michael Myers.

Curtis continued with roles in several horror films, and in 2015, she took a role playing Dean Cathy Munsch in the aptly titled Scream Queens television series.

13. Kathleen Turner – Romancing the Stone

What would the eighties be without Kathleen Turner? One of the biggest actresses of her day, Turner starred in such films as Body Heat, Prizzi’s Honor, The Jewel of the Nile, Peggy Sue Got Married, and The War of the Roses.

Turner is more likely to be seen on stage than on screen, and she just had a turn playing Joan Didion in the one-woman show, The Year of Magical Thinking.

14. Kim Basinger – 91/2 Weeks

Hailed as one of the sexiest women of the era, Kim Basinger was pretty much in every film in the eighties, including one of our personal favorites, My Stepmother is an Alien.

These days, Basinger still shows up in steamy films, playing Elena Lincoln in the movie Fifty Shades Darker.

15. Geena Davis – Beetlejuice

In the eighties, Geena Davis starred in such films as Beetlejuice and The Fly and was known for her wide smile and dimples.

Davis is still acting with stints on the TV version of The Exorcist as well as her activist work supporting women’s causes.

16. Jennifer Grey – Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing was a juggernaut of a film. Even now, decades later, people are still mimicking that running jump. And the star of it all was Jennifer Grey.

Grey has switched to the dancing competition circuit, winning season eleven of Dancing With the Stars and sometimes judging the BBC One show Strictly Come Dancing.

17. Goldie Hawn – Private Benjamin

Is there a name as recognizable as Goldie Hawn’s in the eighties? Hawn wowed America with her quirky charm in the movie Private Benjamin, and she’s been wowing us ever since.

These days, Hawn only very rarely acts. Her latest outing was in the film Snatched starring Amy Schumer.

18. Winona Ryder – The Heathers

The face that defined the nineties actually started in the eighties with a turn as a disaffected teenager in the film The Heathers. Winona Ryder had actually catapulted to fame earlier with the film Beetlejuice, but it was The Heathers that truly made her a cool kid.

These days, Ryder is back in the eighties in the Netflix cult classic Stranger Things, in which she plays a paranoid mother whose worst fears come true when her son is trapped by a horrifying monster in another dimension.

19. Kim Cattrall – Big Trouble in Little China

Kim Cattrall was one of those ubiquitous heroines in the eighties, starring in such films as Big Trouble in Little China and Mannequin. 

While Cattrall has recently been starring in the HBO Canada tv series Sensitive Skin, everyone remembers her for her turn as Samantha Jones in the HBO game changer Sex and the City.

20. Michelle Pfeiffer – Scarface

When Michelle Pfeiffer played the cocaine-addicted gangster’s moll in Scarface, she became one of the top leading ladies of the eighties, and has continued to hold onto her crown.

She recently starred as Ruth Madoff in the television adaptation of the book The Wizard of Lies.