What the Most Beautiful Actresses of the ’70s and ’80s Look Like Today

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Aging hits all of us, whether you’re the wealthiest actress in Hollywood or any one of us. Of course, for those famous women, it’s just a little bit harder because we’ve watched them age before our very eyes. It can be jarring to see the people you grew up watching suddenly look old! But not all of them do. In fact, some of them look downright amazing. But you don’t have to go looking for yourself: we’ve compiled all the most lovely ladies of the ’70s and ’80s in one place so that you can see where they are today.

Get ready for a trip down memory lane…or possibly to feel just a little bit older than you wanted to.  Are you ready to see where they are a full 50 years after the heights of their careers? Let’s take a look at all our favorite actresses of decades gone by.

Faye won an academy award in 1976, and in addition to having some major acting chops she definitely made a few hearts go pitter patter.

You may remember one of her few public appearances in recent years: mistakenly announcing La La Land as Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars.

But you probably remember her best from Grease, which made us all want to wear leather pants for a brief period of time.

She’s also spent time doing advocacy work and starting a nonprofit to support work in cancer. Multitalented for sure.

She may have started her career as the pretty dumb blonde in Good Morning World, but her later career took her to some darker places.

She spends more time working with her non-profit to support underprivileged kids.

It birthed the fantasies of a generation of nerds.

She’s set to return in both Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, plus she’ll be in Ghostbusters: Afterlife in mid-2020. Apparently age hasn’t caught up with her yet.

If you think Lynda Carter, you think Wonder Woman, and if you think Wonder Woman, you think those cute little shorts.

She guested on Supergirl in 2017. She’s also become an impressive voice in the addiction and recovery community, sharing her 20 years of sobriety publicly.

Also have you seen her face? Dang.

She’s played a major role in American Horror Story and even received an Emmy nomination in 2019.

There are few clubs that instantly brand you as “complete babe” the way being a Bond girl does.

She even posted for Playboy in 2018, the oldest model for the magazine at age 67.

It’s no secret why as she’s absolutely gorgeous. But she broke into more serious roles like Dangerous Liaisons and Scarface in the ’80s.

She’s shared that she’ll be working a lot now that her kids are off to college, leaning hard into that MILF persona.

You probably know her best from the 13 movies she was in by Woody Allen, as well as their marriage.

She’s far more focused on humanitarian work, especially around Darfur.

Her name became synonymous with spandex and splits in the ’80s. It’s hard to deny how hot she was when you could see every curve of her body in those jumpsuits.

Jane Fonda has become a major political activist, both during the Vietnam War, and in recent years. She’s a staunch feminist, a major pacifist, and an activist for environmental justice.

She starred in many blaxploitation films and was known for playing bold and bad women.

She was on The L Word for most of the 2000s, and is planning on creating a biopic based on her life.

Her name is synonymous with sexy, so much so that she played “Lust” in the 1967 film Bedazzled.

The last movie she made was How to Be a Latin Lover in 2017, but she’s moved into makeup and skincare instead.

But she also was on Cheers for six years, and that’s where we all fell in love with her.

She starred in her own reality show, was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and did a season of Celebrity Big Brother. 

She never gave off a “sex bomb” vibe, but she was the sweet and earnest kind of girl you could fall in love with.

She’s been in theater productions throughout the 2010s, through the United States and Canada.

She was Tim Burton’s it girl for a while, starred in Heathers, and made us all wildly uncomfortable in Girl, Interrupted.

Ryder has vaulted back into fame playing Joyce Byers on Stranger Things. Proof that age doesn’t stop some people.