Everyone dreams of discovering something special. Some people hope to find historical relics; for others it's a rare fossil, and of course everyone hopes to stumble upon a suitcase full of cash. For most of us, it's pretty unlikely that we'll ever find anything that remarkable, but people on the internet are sharing stories of the weirdest, luckiest or most surprising thing they have ever found. Some of them are crazier than you could even imagine.

When this girl was in middle school, she made a very surprising discovery in a hotel room.

She wrote in a post:
On an 8th grade overnight field trip, the boys tried to crawl through the ceiling to get to our room. On their way, a big brick of weed fell out of the ceiling. Ever since then, I have thoroughly searched every hotel room I've ever stayed in. This has turned up all sorts of things, most recently a plastic baggie of joints in a vase in a suite in the Palace in San Francisco.
Uh, did they keep it? Imagine trying to explain to your 8th grade teacher that it wasn't your big bag of weed...it just fell from the ceiling!

This guy found what appears to be a huge dinosaur fossil but for some reason he seems really chill about it.

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His post included the photo and read:
The weirdest thing I've found would probably be this large bone. We were building a new place for us in the countryside, and the construction workers found it while they were digging in some location. We don't know what it comes from or how old is it, but it's very heavy.
Yeah. That's PRETTY WEIRD that you have, like, a quarter of a dinosaur in your backyard. Maybe you should call a museum? Or at least put that thing on eBay.

This man found a letter that he thought was from his grandfather asking for a divorce from his grandmother. But he was totally wrong.

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While cleaning out his grandmother's house, he found a letter from his grandfather to his grandmother during WWII. He wrote:
...the writing was in a very strange, detached voice. It told her how lost she must feel and how she must take care of herself primarily and then take care of my father (born in 1939). It then went on to tell her that she should buy a house on the outskirts of a small town and watch out for those who would take advantage of her. I then got to a part where he instructed her to use her own judgement as to whether or not she taught my father about him. At this point I was thinking he was divorcing her! I got mad (even though I knew they were never divorced- they were married until he died in 1993- 55 years!). But, mad I was! As I read further, it finally dawned on me that this letter was his final instructions to her in the event he was killed in action during WWII. It was difficult to hold back the tears as I read that she should not waste resources in trying to bring his body home.

This poor woman just wanted a snack from her mom's kitchen and wound up getting WAY more than she expected.

She wrote:
A marijuana laced cookie in my mothers freezer.  I know for sure it was laced with marijuana because I ate it. She was obviously angry, I was supposed to be cleaning her house, but not sure it was my lack of work, or that I couldn't stop laughing at her.  The angrier she got, the more I laughed.  My mother is 78 years old now and I just reminded her of my cookie snatching.  Can you believe she is still mad?  Can you believe I am still laughing?  About 35 years ago, wish I had that cookie right now.
You have to imagine this was a surprise discovery for everyone involved!

This couple found a mysterious ice cream truck that they still can't explain.

This one is actually really sweet. The poster wrote:
One winter night I was walking with my college boyfriend down 57th street near the University of Chicago. It was quiet and snowing lightly. At the Lake Park Avenue intersection, we came across what I remember as a white ice cream truck, the side facing us completely covered in yellow post-it notes, each one fluttering slightly. Approaching to take a closer look, we saw that each note had 'I love you' scrawled on it. At the time, it felt like we'd stumbled onto something magical and nostalgic, and maybe somewhat meant for us. I took one of the notes and tucked it into a book; I may still have it on a shelf somewhere.

This guy found what he thinks were pieces of a plane that crashed.

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This one is super scary. The poster wrote:
As a 12 year old playing in the surf on Nantucket island one evening while the adults were surf casting, I found a piece of corroded aluminum sheeting about the size of a baking sheet. The old salt islander in our group identified this as a piece of airplane wreckage, possibly from WW2.  
What happened to the plane? And where is the rest of it?

What's worse than getting your house broken into?

Getting your house broken into AND the burglar revealing your giant dildo for all to see, of course! A poster wrote:
I came home to my apartment one night after work, walked up the stairs and it was the first thing I saw. My eyes kind of scanned the room, noticing this fleshy penis on the table and I became a bit perplexed. I entered a state of confusion as my brain seemed to register slowly that something was just not right about the scene. The second thing I noticed was broken glass on the floor and a hole punched through a panel of our front door. We had been robbed. After about an hour of my roommate's arrival home, we realized that the robbers scoured our dressers, closets, and common areas. Apparently in the process, they found my roommate's sex toy and thought it hilarious to display it on the dining room table. We all thought it was pretty amusing, except for one of us. He grabbed it off the table and whisked it away.

Everyone wonders if there is a secret room in their house, but these people actually found one!

And they found, what else, a secret pot den from the 70s. The poster said of his discovery:
A few years ago I was living in an apartment in Mountain View.  During the housewarming party, someone noticed that there was an attic entrance in one of the hallways.  We didn't know about the attic before, but we decided it must be explored.  So we grabbed some flashlights, pulled a chair over, climbed up and opened the attic. Once we got inside, we found tinfoil covering the walls, newspaper on the floor, a few buckets of potting soil, and a heat lamp.  Clearly, one of the previous tenants had been growing marijuana up here!   A handful of us climbed up, and drank some beers while we looked around more.  I picked up one of the newspapers and found a Peanuts comic from the 1970s.  Then we noticed that everything up there was from the 70s as well, and nothing looked like it had been disturbed.  We had accidentally stumbled into a perfectly-preserved at-home marijuana grow operation from at least 30 years ago.
Apparently, a lot of people find pot when they're not looking for it.

Well, this one is just plain terrifying.

This person says her friend bought a chair secondhand and when she went to re-cover it, found out she'd actually bought the most terrifying/obviously haunted thing ever sold at a thrift store. She wrote:
My friend's mother offered to change the fabric of the armchair and brought it back to her place. Then a few days later my friend received a phone call from her mother. The mother was VERY agitated and told her that she had found something rather odd when she had removed the old fabric from the armchair. Sewn into the back of the armchair, well hidden in the padding, there were seven pairs of scissors! All were different ones: one was for children, another a typical kitchen type of scissors and so on. They were deliberately placed there as they were attached with stitches and you couldn't notice them from the outside. To this day, we still don't know why the scissors were in there. And my friend has kept the armchair, even though I'm always teasing her that it's probably cursed.
Nope, nope, nope. Burn it. Burn it down.

This person found an ear. AN EAR.

No big deal, but have we mentioned this person found an EAR? He said:
One year on a trip to San Diego, my family and I were walking along the beach collecting sea shells. We found an interesting rock along the way, or that is what we concluded it was at the time. We took it home, and with a little research, found out that it was a petrified ear. We kept it for a while, but disposed of it after about a month. I'm still wondering whose ear it was...

This person found something pretty important that her tenants forgot.

The poster wrote:
I was cleaning out our rental property after the tenants moved out. Everything looked completely empty, until I looked in the kitchen pantry and on the top shelf I found a shoebox sized box. It wasn't really hidden from view, like they overlooked it. It was more like they knew it was there and decided to leave it and let the landlord dispose of it. I pulled it off the shelf and noticed a card printed on the side with the person’s name on it along with the name of a funeral home. It was the cremains of the lady’s mother. She had moved off and left GRANDMA behind!
If Grandma wasn't already haunting that family, she is now for sure.

There are some things you really hope you don't find.

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This poster wrote about how she made an unfortunate discovery:
I was thrown from my bike, so got up hastily, dusted myself off and hustled back to the bike, hoping to make up time and catch the boys. What I saw still shocks me, though at the time I stayed pretty calm for an adolescent girl.  It was a semi-decayed human corpse, which I had run over with my little red Mongoose bike. After a few seconds of thought, mostly about the fact that I didn't want to get "any" on me, I took off running to find my friends, leaving my bike intimately entwined with the unfortunate discovery. Once I had convinced the gang to come look, and we had all agreed that us, this was in fact a dead body, we went home and told my Mom. The subsequent police investigation determined that the body belonged to a migrant worker who had gone missing about two weeks earlier.

Probably the best thing that can happen to a person is finding a dog in their house.

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One person wrote about experiencing this miracle: 
I woke up one Sunday morning to hear excited shrieks and barks- and found a dog which I did not own. While technically not an object, it had somehow decided to use the private elevator to pay us a visit. Much later, security called and as it turns out, it broke free from its owner and raced out of view- and somehow ended up on the 8th floor (which required an electronic key). We returned it, much to my sister's disappointment.
What a smart dog!

This guy found another item out of a horror movie: a coin covered in skin.

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This one is as weird as it is gross. He wrote:
This is a Canadian 1 dollar coin (loonie) that has a layer of skin on it. I found it in my pocket. I still have it and still have no clue how a layer of skin appears to have grown onto the coin. I've had it for more than a year, and it has not changed in any way. It is the weirdest and creepiest object I've come across.
What IS that? How did it happen? And WHY? We hate it. It's cursed.

Some objects are not as mysterious as others though.

We suspect a creature of the feline variety is to blame for this one, unfortunately.
A squirrel tail on my driveway. Just the tail. It was perfectly separated like it had simply fallen off.  Never did see a squirrel running around sans tail, though. What a mystery!