The Worst 'Wheel of Fortune' Guesses of all Time | 22 Words

Wheel of Fortune is entertaining in and of itself, but even more so when contestants have a guess that is so not right you can't help but kind of admire their creativity.

Take for instance this puzzle, in which the category is "Living Thing."

The clues got as far as "_O_EYS_CK_E B_S_" before a contestant rang in with a wonderfully wrong answer.

Are Popsicle Bikes real living things we just don't know about yet?!?

Will they be featured on Shark Tank in a future episode? So many questions...

You can't help but feel bad for some of these people.

No one wants to fail on national television, but it is morbidly fun to watch.

Sometimes, the real life Wheel of Fortune fails are even funnier than the fictional ones.

Count Rushmore is good, but Popsicle Bikes are gold.

Nothing will compare, however, to what went down just a couple weeks ago.

You know, that play, A Streetcar Naked Desire. It's a classic. It gets even better too. (Or worse, depending on your perspective.)

The best part in all of these fails is Pat Sajak's reaction.


When the contestants fail, Pat Sajak sounds like the boss from Office Space.

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"Umm... Yeah, we can't accept that."

In this special U.S. Military edition of Wheel of Fortune, the soldiers showed that no man gets left behind.

Who knew that Regius Philbin and Kelly Riba were so... elusive?

We will never get tired of watching Pat Sajak slowly lose it.

"No, it is not pointed desert, no matter how many times you say it." That is a backhanded slap in word form.

You kind of feel bad for some of the contestants, but the fact that they are the cause of their own downfall makes it OK.

Plus, Pat Sajak's half-assed attempt at making this guy feel better is worth it in of itself.

Plus, who can forget Marvin the Magician?

You know, that old wizard from the King Arthur legend... Marvin. ...wait you mean it's Merlin?

Pat Sajak is unmerciful.

"That is... uh... Wow." Pat basically said what we were all thinking.

You know that old classic song, Surf Clay Where We Go?

...yeah, me neither.

You'd think there would be some sort of screening process to get on Wheel of Fortune, but apparently not.

The magic hand, band, yand, sand guy is my favorite so far. He even says "wand" but just doesn't pronounce it right. Brutal.

With some of these contestants...

It's no wonder why Sajak hosted the show drunk on occasion.