When His Crush Shot Down His Prom Invite, He Got One of the World’s Sexiest Celebs To Take Her Place

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And getting shot down by that crush can be both heartbreaking and discouraging. But for one Sacramento student, those events led to a night he and his classmates will NEVER forget.

So he launched a hail mary bid to find a new prom date…in Kylie Jenner.

So Albert reached out to the supermodel celeb via social media, inviting her to join him at the Rio Americano High School prom.  

She boarded a private jet and headed to a Sacramento high school to make sure Albert had a date for prom. Pretty amazing, right?

The students were freaking out, but no one was more surprised than Albert, who found that his hail mary request turned out to be a touchdown.

Albert’s sister captured the moment, and as you can tell, she was feeling pretty good for the guy.

Something tells me his next invite might not get turned down after this insane series of events. The man’s officially a high school legend.