White House Warns That Anti-Trans Bills Are Illegal

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The White House has today issued a warning that anti-trans bills are, indeed, illegal…

Which is a huge milestone for the rapidly growing LGBTQ+ community.

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Here’s the full story…

Since the birth of Gay Pride in 1969, millions have marched for gay rights and the LGBTQ+ community…

And the movement is showing no signs of slowing down today.

We’ve come a long way.

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Here in the States, the LGBTQ+ community is bigger and prouder than ever before.

In Congress, we now have a number of openly-gay and trans congressmen and women…

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And, in 2015, the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage as a legal right across the country.

Obviously, this was a landmark moment in the community’s fight for equality.

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Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that the plaintiffs asked:
“For equal dignity in the eyes of the law – the Constitution grants them that right.”

Fast forward 6 years, and the community is thriving…

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So much so that it is bigger than ever before.

In fact, according to a recent poll…

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A record number of Americans identify as LGBTQ+.

A new Gallup report has produced some interesting findings on how the youth of America identify…

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The results were based on more than 15,000 interviews conducted with adults eighteen and older throughout 2020.

According to the survey, an estimated 5.6 percent of Americans identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.

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This is a huge jump from last year’s results that showed just 4.5 percent had reported to identify in such a way.

And it seems as if support for the community from the White House is more apparent than ever…

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And that’s all thanks to the arrival of President Biden.

Biden has always made his support of the LGBTQ+ community known…

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And in his first few days of presidency, he set out a wide-ranging agenda on lGBTQ+ rights; including immediately repealing Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people joining the U.S military.

The president even selected a transgender woman to act as his assistant secretary of health.

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Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s health secretary, has made history by being the first-ever openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S Senate.

So as you can see…

The Biden Administration is keen to promote equality and make America a much more diverse and inclusive country to live in… and we’re totally here for that!

And now, another step has just been taken by the White House.

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki warned state legislatures last week that anti-trans bills are, in fact, illegal.

Speaking at a White House press conference on March 5th, Psaki addressed bills that are currently being advanced by many state legislatures that aim to restrict transgender youth’s access to sporting facilities…

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As well as transition-related care.

Of course, we’re all aware of the divide in opinion that’s been caused by the subject of transgender women competing in sports…

Because while many acknowledge that trans women being allowed to compete is a human right, many feel it is unfair due to the “biological advantage” these women are at as a result of being born as a biological male.

It is currently banned in many places for trans women to compete in sports…

And it’s not looking like these bans won’t sadly be lifted any time soon.

One of these bills, which would ban trans athletes from joining girl’s or women’s sports teams in Mississippi, has now been sent to the desk of the Mississippi gov. Tate Reeves…

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​Who is expected to sign it.

“Trans rights are human rights.”

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​”The president believes that trans rights are human rights and that no one should be discriminated on the basis of sex, not only is this the law of the land, it’s his own deeply held view,” Psaki said.

You can hear Psaki’s statement at the conference here:

And for more on the politics surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, scroll on…