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There's no denying the popularity of tattoos. It sometimes seems to be difficult to find someone who doesn't have one. But alongside their inherent charm, they do come with a few caveats. Many tattoos are pretty out there and hard to ignore. And while there's a time and a place for a full sleeve or something large and eye-catching, they may not be the most suitable for all occasions. In a more formal, or even a professional context, it may be better to go for something more subtle.

Well, now, tattoo artists have come up with an answer. Using white ink, rather than the traditional dark colors, gives a barely-there tatted effect that's truly stunning. People have been sharing images on Instagram, and we have to say, we're totally blown away.

Tattoos are as popular as they are beautiful

Whether you want to express yourself, add a reminder of a happy memory to your body, or simply decorate yourself with things that you think are beautiful, getting a tattoo can be very fun.

Which is kind of weird, when you think about it.

The fact that a huge amount of people walk around sporting ink that they've injected underneath their skin is a little odd.

There is a downside to getting inked.

Most tattoos are pretty difficult to ignore, thanks to their dark colors and graphic lines.

There's nothing wrong with looking striking...

But we can't imagine that we'd be so into our tatts that we'd want to look as out-there as this every day of our lives.

Innovative tattoo artists have come up with a solution.

There's a pretty exciting trend in the world of tattoos which makes for a far more subtle - but just as pretty - look.

And people are seriously impressed.

Seeing these new, more under-the-radar inkings is inspiring the internet to go for a different style of tatt.

The reason?

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These are tattoos done in white ink, rather than traditional, darker and jewel tones. And the results are pretty magnificent.

Check them out!

These stunning (but far less intrusive) tattoos have been blowing up on social media - and we can absolutely see why!

They could be easy to miss.

But the fact that they require a closer look is really a part of their charm. Only those who are really seeking out your tattoo will be likely to see it.

Many have gone for text tattoos.

And we can see why! The white ink looks particularly fantastic in writing.

This one is a particular fave.

TheĀ Harry PotterĀ inspired inking is a protective spell - in the books, it saves Harry from the Dementors, who act as a symbol for depression.

These tattoos are almost like a secret surprise.

They could easily be looked over at first - but when you look again it becomes clear that the tattoo is there, and it is gorgeous.

This one is particularly pretty.

So pretty, in fact, that it literally means "beautiful" in Italian. This one is really tempting us.

But white ink also looks lovely when depicting images, too.

The details of this little bird looks almost other-worldly!

In fact, we're yet to see a white ink tattoo we don't like.

Which is pretty impressive, when you think about it - and not really something that we can say about more traditional, dark tattoos.

The white ink particularly suits smaller designs.

The ethereal look of the white ink particularly lends itself to these cuter, more petite tatts.

We're absolutely obsessed.

In fact, we could browse the white ink tattoo hashtag for many hours. We can't be the only ones finding these styles hard to resist.

The cartoony style is extremely enticing.

This image celebrating travel around the beautiful world that we live in is particularly cute in subtle, white ink.

Although these stunning images don't come easy.

Many people have said that it's extremely painful t0 attain one of these beauties, even more so than the traditional, dark-toned tattoos.

But, if you can stand the pain, you won't be restricted to small designs.

This bigger, full sleeve in white ink is super unusual - and super beautiful, too!

And you don't have to be restricted based on skin tone.

They look equally as stunning on darker skin tones - although they are a little less subtle with more contrast.

Check out this beautiful piece!

To make matters even better, the white ink can be combined with traditional dark tattoos to add an extra layer of detail.

This one particularly showcases the effect.

Here's one that layers over another tatt beautifully and gives a finished look with a ton of depth and intricacy.

And this one is pretty incredible, too.

The idea of combining two identical tatts, one in black and one in white, is pretty ingenious if you ask us.

And they don't have to just be serious images.

This cartoon tatt utilizes white ink to add a lot of contrast and makes it even more eye-catching.

And we never thought we'd say this...

But, with white ink, even a facial tattoo looks kind of subtle and pretty!

White ink makes for beautiful details.

This use of shading on the skull tattoo is incredibly intricate and well executed.

But there's one thing to remember...

White tattoos require a lot more aftercare than traditional dark tatts. They won't look so good if you don't look after them.

So make sure you bear this in mind:

Using the correct lotions for at least six weeks after you get inked is key to keeping it looking its very best - and who wouldn't want that?

And when they're looked after properly...

They look truly incredible! We can't get enough of these amazing pieces of body art. The #whiteinktattoo Instagram tag is loaded with loads of examples if you're looking for inspiration!