19 Ingenious Children Who Prove the Future’s in Good Hands

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When you watch the news or read the many articles shared by your friends on social media, it can be easy to start to fear for our future.

There are some pretty bonkers things happening in the world today. But it’s not all bad.

Remember: The children are our future.

And if the kids featured here are any indication, I think we’ll be OK. Eventually. With some luck.

Like this kid who understands the importance of a good first impression.

Something tells me that he is going to be the greatest uncle ever. He can also teach his niece all about making a great first impression (and becoming an Internet sensation as a result).

This neighbor kid:

What a lovely and polite note! I would check that “Yes” box in a heartbeat!

This young musician might make you cry:

Never forget that you can always use your talents to help others and make a difference in the world. Even if you only have a keyboard and a tissue box.

This little artist:

We could all use someone in our lives who works hard to make things beautiful. This next kid is a future engineer for sure.

This tiny builder:

Some people see a problem and decide to give up. This forward thinker decided to solve it instead.

These protest organizers:

In a perfect world, 11-year-old children wouldn’t have to organize any protests. But we’re so lucky to have 11-year-olds like the ones at George Mason Elementary School.

This kid who loves everyone:

We could all use a little more love in our lives, right? I think I’d be tempted to give this little kiddo anything he wants.

This makeup star:

Everything about this is so pure and lovely. Including the falling camera.

This real-life princess:

I’m not interested in any reality in which a hot dog cannot be a princess. This next kid is a phenomenal poet.

This young poet:

People who claim not to like poetry probably just haven’t found a poem about something they care about. To those people, I present this poem about French fries.

This kid who cautions against making sweeping generalizations:

I like that they still answered the question, but didn’t let that stop them from teaching an important lesson to the teacher. This kid gets an A+ from me!

This kid who understands the importance of a sincere apology:

Look, we all mess up sometimes. Martin here shows us all how to take responsibility and own up to our mistakes.

This little girl who got her dad to vouch for her:

Alex is clearly one of those kids that people refer to as a “good egg.” And if you don’t believe me, you can ask her dad.

This kid who is impervious to “Yo Mama” jokes:

In middle school, this is something of a superpower. Next up is a little girl who’s destined to become a journalist.

This future journalist:

Not only does this little girl have a very specific life plan; she’s also taking concrete steps to get there. I’d love to have half her motivation!

This kid who made a mistake:

Once again, everybody makes mistakes. It’s the people who apologize for them that are the good ones.

This kid who knows how to use his resources:

OK, so maybe this kid isn’t exactly following the spirit of the spelling test. But you’ve got to admit this is pretty brilliant.

This young inventor:

Work smarter, not harder. This kid gets it.

This young entrepreneur:

10/10, would hire immediately. Share this with someone who needs a reminder that our future is in good hands!