Texts From Moms That Are Too Cute To Handle

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Moms are really the best. I hope that if you have one you love, you tell her that every day! Not only are moms a great source of inspiration and advice and wisdom, but more often than not, they are hilarious, adorable, and a great beacon of entertainment in your family. It is especially true of moms who are just learning how to use technology and how to interact in this fast-paced social realm we all live in these days.

I am here to share with you some of the best texts ever sent by moms. Some of these moms are totally up on the “lingo” of today. Others are testing the waters, and some in this list really have no idea what they are doing. But they do all have one thing in common. They are hilarious people who love their kids and know how important it is to make each other laugh. Thank you, moms, for all that you do, in text conversations and out in the real world.

I love moms.

Their mom jeans are fierce and so are they. Here are some of the greatest mom texts we’ve ever seen.

Eggplant emoji

Obviously mom needed to consult the family group chat to figure out why the eggplant emoji represents a penis. Obviously.

Turtle with attitude

My favorite part of this is mom asking, “Did you take this pic?” in reaction to what is clearly a very professional photo of a sea turtle.


Leave it to mom to weave a tragic and yet, totally TMI tale in one simple text about your dad’s colonoscopy.

Tiny breakfast

OK, but this is actually really impressive and I think this mom should become famous for her tiny breakfasts.


Ah yes, the traditional morning bitmoji/question about Diplo text from mom. Can’t beat it.

Marijuana lungs

Poor mom got duped by a walnut. But she doesn’t believe it! I love the use of the thinking face emoji here. It really gets her point across.

“Where buy chicken”

You just have to love it when adults mistake text conversations for the search bar in Google. But also, what adult doesn’t know where to buy chicken?


Don’t we all, mom? Don’t we all.

Unconditional love

I love this so much. A mom doesn’t ask questions. A mom simply does what needs to be done for her baby.


It doesn’t get much purer than this mom asking her kid what a smiley face means. I love this so much. She just wants to learn!


On the other hand, this mom is hip to the newest lingo, lingo so new that literally no one else is using it.

Half an hour

I like that this mom explained how much time it took her to write that text. She’s basically like, “This is how much I love you.”

No rush

Raise your hand if you also get concerning “Text me please” texts from your mom followed by, “No rush, not important” texts. Yeah, me too.


When mom thinks autocorrect is your fault. This is hilarious.


This mom loves GIFs, unlike my mom, who has decided she can’t stand them and forbids us from sending them to her.

National Chicken Dance Day

“Just thought you should know so you can dance before it’s over” is maybe the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Left phone

Um, how exactly did this mom expect her to see this text? Her phone is at home! Think, mom!

Golf cart

Um, I love this mom who is so excited about riding in a golf cart that she forgot how punctuation works.

Dumb TV

This is a mom joke like no other. It beats out all the dad jokes, and it takes first place in the parent joke competition.

Thug life

Um, this is glorious. I love that this mom clearly took this picture while sitting in front of her computer at work. Legendary status.

Skunk saver

This mom is a true hero and a champion, and she deserves some sort of award for this.


This mom is looking for some lively conversation and she is not getting what she wants! She gave birth to you. Give the woman a conversation!


Moms not understanding emojis is my favorite brand of internet. It’s like, just look at the picture. The picture shows you what it is.

Chill out

“Chill out, eat soup, and stop crying” is some of the best mom advice ever. Sometimes, you just gotta hear it from the person who cares about you the most.


I motion that WTF now stands for “Well that’s fantastic!” All in favor, say, “Aye!” OK great, that’s settled.

Birthday dog

That dog does not want to celebrate his birthday. At all.

Broken heart

She didn’t mean to send a broken heart! She used the oldest parent excuse in the book: “I don’t have my glasses on.”

Post Malone

Come now. Post Malone is not making music for moms. One could argue that he’s not making music at all.


Sure, mom, that bread. Share this with your mom!