Wholesome Tweets That Will Probably Bring a Tear to Your Eye

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It’s easy to complain about the Internet. Plenty of people use it for nefarious purposes rather than good ones. There are plenty of bullies and trolls you have to actively work to ignore and evade.

But it’s not all bad!

In fact, the Internet can be a pretty wonderful place filled with hilarious, beautiful, and completely wholesome things. There are millions of funny cat pictures, hilarious jokes, and heartwarming stories that can keep you occupied whenever you pick up your phone or sit down at your computer.

Twitter itself is a great source for amazing and wholesome stories. Sure, there are Twitter trolls, too, but we just try to ignore them and pay attention to the good stuff. Here are some of the most wholesome tweets floating around on the Internet. They’re sure to make you smile but they might also bring a happy tear to your eye.

This is what a good friend looks like.

If one of your friends is struggling, a simple text like this one can really help them out. We should all have a friend like Russ. We should all be a friend like Russ, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You know this little girl went back to class with the biggest smile on her face. What a great dad!

All restaurants should have these.

Major props to this restaurant for having Braille menus on hand! It may seem like a small thing to most, but it’s truly considerate.

Best tie ever.

Parents who keep their kids’ art projects are a step above the rest in my book. Bonus points if they wear them 11 years later!

Race to the hug!

That’s true love right there. #FamilyGoals.

Gotta love a sense of humor.

This is so sweet and hilarious. It’s so great that you still get to be reminded of her amazing sense of humor.

Things change.

Talk about a transformation! I’m pretty sure this is the ultimate glow-up.

Happy anniversary!

What a thoughtful gift! I’m guessing they now take a few minutes to sit on their bench during every walk.

This is the best reaction to a haircut I have ever seen.

Get yourself a partner who reacts to your haircut just like this. If you manage that, you’ll be set for life.

Like a good neighbor.

This neighbor is exactly the kind of neighbor that Mr. Rogers would have been very proud to have.

First impressions are important!

Well, that settles it. He’s the best uncle ever.

World-class reportage.

And you thought the news was only there to make you miserable. Not this time!

Ice cream break!

I like to imagine that these two will share an ice cream break every year from now on.

What a sweet pup!

Have I mentioned lately that we really don’t deserve dogs? ‘Cause we don’t.

This mom is the best.

Moms don’t care about being embarrassed in front of their coworkers. They just want to cheer you up when you’re having a rough day.

This is oddly inspirational.

I’m not 100 percent sure that’s how this works, but I’m feeling too inspired to doubt it now.

So pure.

Every grandpa should have a dog. Can we make that a law somehow?

I can’t get over how cute this is.

You don’t have to be an adult to restore people’s faith in humanity. This little girl did it simply by requesting to watch a movie.

Selfies from grandma.

Tech-savvy grandmas are such good grandmas! This would definitely be the highlight of my day.

This is so sweet:

I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of sports. But this? I’m a huge fan of this.

Lunch with grandad.

I’m not crying; you’re crying. OK, never mind. I am crying.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A good teacher doesn’t just stick to the curriculum. This professor is clearly one of the good ones.

You can always learn something new!

This is making me feel so inspired! And hungry!


Yup. Still crying.

A real-life Santa.

Those kids are so lucky to have someone like this in their lives. But you know what? I bet he thinks he’s the lucky one.

Words with long-distance friends.

There’s nothing quite as pure as the friendship between these two people. It makes me want to meet my own mobile game BFF!

Secret popsicles.

On the one hand, this is a little bit naughty… But it’s mostly adorable. I’ll let it slide.

Wish me luck!

I’m just going to assume that you got married and you, the guy, and the dog lived happily ever after.

A whale of a rainbow!

Yup! This is exactly the kind of content I come to the Internet for. Nice rainbow! You did a Whaley good job!

This one totally made me cry:

I bet that was the greatest ballet recital anyone has ever seen. Share this with someone who loves a heartwarming story!