Wholesome Tweets That Will Make Your Whole Week | 22 Words

Most of the time, when we think of social media we also think of negativity. And there's a reason for that: Twitter is a great place to vent about whatever is bothering you. But that's not all it's good for, and you can come away from Twitter with some actual good vibes. Because there are some truly wholesome tweets out there...if you know where to look!

If you don't, no worries. We did the looking for you! With so many tweets to sort through, we went and found some of the most utterly heartwarming ones yet. So sit back and keep scrolling to check out these 40 completely wholesome tweets. You'll have a huge smile on your fact in no time at all!

This dog has a smile for you!

That dog's dazzling smile is too infectious not to share with the world, and his owner sure knew it!

Look at this heartwarming reunion.

How unbelievably amazing is this?! It's comforting to remind yourself that, despite life's difficulties, sometimes things just...work out.

A+ sales technique.

This kid clearly has SO MUCH charisma and knows exactly what to do with it.

It's true love!

Some people spend years wondering who their soulmate could be. Other people don't have to, as long as they have pancakes in common.

Mookie Wilson believes. Do you?!

What a strange bunch of reasoning...with a totally motivational conclusion. You know what? If it works, then keep on believing.

Peacock pep talks are the best pep talks.

Heck YEAH. And let me just say: that peacock's tailfeathers are absolutely majestic.

We all have that friend.

And we all treasure that friend, too, because this kind of friendship doesn't come along every day!

The most amazing photoshoot ever:

How mind-bogglingly cute is that hamster?! Even when he's dribbling out food, the camera just loves him.

The start of a beautiful friendship:

This video is just...so pure. Who'd have thought? Baby deer and baby human make for perfect buddies.

Take that!

Ooh! Want some ice for that BURN? Kids are truly adorable and hilarious sometimes.

Now that's a good neighbor.

We all wish we had neighbors this considerate. And honestly, if we all were as considerate as this guy, the world would be a happier place!

The best kind of bonding time:

Is this not the sweetest thing ever?! That's real love, right there, and it's wonderful to see.

What a thoughtful little gesture!

Imagine if everyone knew how to say a greeting in each of the more common languages--and think of how happy we'd make each other if that was the case!

Changing with the times.

But never losing the cuteness...or the love! I wish all parents could be as accepting and accommodating.

Get a load of this dog!

Just watch the video--can't you practically feel the dog's happiness yourself? He's just out there, living his best life.

Relationship goals.

Do we know why they were going through the same drive-thru in two different cars? Nope. Does it matter? Nah. The cuteness of the moment cannot be denied!

Always making friends.

Further proof that dogs are just...universally likable. Are you a human? Are you a teeny little snail? Doesn't matter: you're still a fan of dogs.

The magic of Waffle House:

Hospitality at its finest! Seriously, all the staff members of that Waffle House deserve a major raise.

Feeling motivated yet?

This toddler is really out here just...making "become an astronaut" sound like a totally attainable goal. Well, for her at least--with that attitude, she'll reach the stars in no time!

Just checking in!

Doesn't your heart just melt whenever you see physical proof that pets care for you as much as you care for them?! The love is real.

Live life like this little dog.

"What's that? A parade? Cheering people everywhere? Of COURSE, it's for me--I'm awesome!"

Quality lessons for life.

You know what? Those senior citizens are about to go and live their best lives because of her. Bravo!

Actual soulmates.

Not many relationships make it through high school and years into adulthood, but this adorable couple did and they're over the moon!

The best kind of roommate.

What a thoughtful little tortoise. There's no going hungry as long as he's on the prowl!

A women's bathroom is where you go for the best pep-talks.

Guys are always wondering what on Earth women do in the bathroom, and most of the time, the answer is an obvious "we use the bathroom." But if women aren't doing that, we're just in total solidarity mode, and it's so great.

It'll get better!

Well, I guess if Bruni is saying it, then I'll believe it. That doggo just has such an honest face!

Parenting done right:

The best parenting is done with parents choose to learn something new for their children. It's so heartwarming!

Kitty love!

Okay but...what are the lyrics? Also, I don't know why, but the thought of a cat named Lenny is so hilariously adorable to me.

Oh no...it's TOO CUTE.

That baby fox is so adorable, I'm going to cry. How amazing is this woman for saving it?!

Yes, Grandma!

This grandma is absolutely rocking an anime sweater and everyone is here for it!

Marvin is the best lizard.

And so relatable, too. I feel ya, Marvin. Coffee does smell really good!

We love a good photo recreation.

Time flies, but love endures. Photos like these are a wonderful reminder of that fact!

It's the one true god of thunder.

Honestly: this dog is smiling like Chris Hemsworth, it's got golden hair like Chris Hemsworth, and it's cuter than Chris Hemsworth, so I totally support this dog's bid to be Thor.

You're never the wrong age for an act of kindness.

School can be such a hard time for some kids. The thought that kids like this little girl are out there makes everything so much better!

In the face of heartbreak, something sweet.

Even when romance doesn't work out, there's still family to show all the love. What delicious comfort!


Look how easy it is to make someone's day! (Even if the feeling is being demonstrated with a carved pumpkin.)

Twinning! Or is it triplets?

Not many high-schoolers can even imagine twinning with their principals, which makes this moment extra special!

Wholesome mom memes:

There's something extra cute about the mom learning about memes just to send one to her daughter!

Let's talk GIFs.

Well, to be fair, most GIFs ARE a good internet find! And that acronym is surprisingly adorable.

Cheers, Craigslist!

It's not often you hear a good story with Craigslist in it, but this is too sweet. That dog had a decadent birthday! Share these wholesome tweets with anybody else who might need a good cheering up today!