Viral Tweet Hilariously Answers Age-Old Question: Why Is the Beach Such a Popular Bathroom Theme?

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When it comes to home decor, many of us like to put our own creative spin into our space. There are so many options out there on what you can do in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Some of us put a lot of extra thought into our bathroom decor which may seem unnecessary to others.

Personally, I go with a beach theme because it just seems like a natural decor choice for a bathroom. But people who don’t understand the “beach” as a bathroom theme want answers.

Comedian and writer Brandon Scott Wolf tweeted “Why is the beach such a popular bathroom theme?” and I seriously have never felt more attacked about my decor decisions. The tweet went viral because of course people want to know why is ‘beach’ a decor choice or any other theme for a bathroom for that matter. It all makes sense to some, others find it outlandish, while others including myself are just feeling like we can decorate our bathrooms in whatever theme we want to, thank you very much. It’s an interesting question that I’ve never thought about asking and the reactions are hilarious.

We grew up with some familiarity of bath decor so it seems natural. And I have many memories of things my mom decorated the bathroom with.

Decorative towels, art, and rugs all exist for the bathroom.

Definitely not a place to hang out in like your living room.

What is the point of it? Is it for something cushy for your back while you sit?

It’s really a thing and it goes unnoticed.

It’s tweets like this one that make me wonder about all of my life decisions.

And I feel very exposed.

Is there any other way to decorate a bathroom? I think not.

Definitely not why I decided to decorate my bathroom in beach theme.

It’s soothing and nothing goes better.

Also, and I cannot stress this enough, it’s a very relaxing theme.

My mom has bathroom towels that are actually for decor. Like, we should not use them to dry our hands. It doesn’t make sense but it just is. We don’t question it anymore.

I know exactly which seashell soap they’re talking about.

This is why I love the internet. I had no idea this existed and now I wish I didn’t know.

And not all of these are “beach” themed.

Not going to lie, but I’m feeling like I need sandcastle decor.

Mermaids, shells, and lighthouses. I think they marked everything on the beach decor check list.

Someone’s excited for the live-action remake.

This one is so different but in a fun way.

I do love the Nicolas Cage shower curtain.

I’m not sure if pink tiles translate to birds for me, but this is a fun theme.

Definitely seems like a guy’s bathroom.

Feel like Queen Bee everyday with a Beyonce themed bathroom.

But the color scheme does work.

Oddly enough, there are people that have a lot of plants in their bathrooms.

Or because the plants thrive in moisture?

Why are there so many plants in here?

It’s to feel like you’re in the tropics. Kind of like when a bathroom has a beach theme because you want to feel like you’re on vacation.

Because we can totally blend themes.

I have no idea why I have kitchen towels with chickens on them, but I guess that’s my theme.