Why Was This Student Given Detention for Wearing a Sweatshirt and Jeans?

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Another day, another story about a bizarre dress code violation.

Seriously, it seems like female students get sent to the principal’s office for pretty much anything these days. It’s hard enough to find your own style as a teenager, but throw unreasonable dress codes into the mix and there’s truly no way to win. Young women these days might be better off just cutting armholes in a sleeping bag. Or — here’s a thought — maybe schools could stop implementing dress codes that scrutinize women much harsher than they ever do men.

A yellow sweatshirt. And a pair of jeans. That’s what a high school student named Hailey wore to school last week. Her friend Emily posted a picture of the outfit, adding that Hailey had been given after-school detention as a result of the outfit.

How dare she! A sweater! AND JEANS?! Oh, the humanity! What a scand– Oh. Oh, wait. No, that outfit is actually completely fine.

What cleavage, you ask? Well, there isn’t any. Go ahead and scroll back up to confirm. There’s no cleavage.

When will people learn to stop policing women’s bodies? When will we take girls’ education as seriously as we take their male counterparts’?

Apparently, this sort of treatment of women has been an issue at this particular school for a while — color us not surprised. We just hope that someday (soon!) this sort of treatment will be a thing of the past.