Wife Exposed as a ‘Cheat’ After DNA Test Reveals Twins Have Different Dads

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What the actual f*ck?

That is some way to find out that your wife has been cheating on you! Whatever happened to the standard secretive text messaging or sudden interest in your appearance? That’s bad enough, but this?!

According to Strait Herald, Mr Zhang found out that his wife was a had been having an affair with another man during a routine paternity test.

And no, it wasn’t simply a case of the kids not being his…


Mother Nature is a weird and wonderful creature.

She is responsible for all life-giving and nurturing aspects of life. Although, let’s face it, sometimes she can be a b*tch.

She makes it very difficult to enjoy being a woman.

Cramps, PMS, pregnancy symptoms, the insane pain of giving birth and then, finally, to top it all off. the menopause. Night sweats, loss of libido, hot flushes. Ugh.

But Mother Nature does, at least, bless us with something truly precious.

Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most rewarding and joyous times for an individual, or for a couple.

But, sometimes, something unexpected happens…

The majority of women give birth to one baby, but others are lucky (depending on your opinion) enough to fall pregnant with twins.

Or, sometimes, with more babies!

Triplets, quadruplets and even octuplets – remember Octomom? Can you even imagine giving birth to eight babies? One after another… This woman deserves a medal. Or eight.

And then there are even rarer occurrences.

Multi-racial couples can give birth to twins with different skin colors.

But that is only possible with fraternal twins.

Identical twins always have the same skin color, as they have the exact same genes, whereas fraternal twins start as two separate embryos.

The same goes for twins of two different sexes.

In nearly all cases of twins with one boy and one girl, they are fraternal twins, rather than identical ones.

Except in rare cases, parents can give birth to monozygotic twins of different sexes.

This happens when male and female twins stem from the same fertilized egg. But it is so rare that only a few cases have ever been reported.

Did you know that it is scientifically impossible to carry out paternity testing on identical twins?

So, if a woman has sex with two men who are identical twins in the same time period and then falls pregnant, she will be unable to find out who is the father. This is because the twins share identical DNA. Now that’s a difficult situation to be in!

And now we have just found out that a lady in China has just given birth to twins who have two different fathers.

Yes, you read correctly. The two boys are twins, but they do not share the same father!

It is apparently called heteropaternal superfecundation.

Put simply, if a woman has sex with two different men either the day before or the day after she has ovulated, then both eggs can be fertilized by a sperm from each man.

WTF? Can this actually happen?

Scientifically, yes it can. We are speechless. Jerry Springer would have had a field day with this one.

It’s all a bit awkward, really…

Poor fella.

It all started when the couple went to register the births at the local police station in the city of Xiamen.

To complete the registration process, paternity tests were done to prove that the children did, in fact, belong to Mr and Mrs Zhang.

So, they went to do a DNA test.

The couple were referred to the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Center by the station and the test was carried out there.

But, shockingly, the results showed that Mr Zhang, was only a father to one of the boys.

According to the director of the center, Mr. Zhang was furious. Well, duh!

And he quickly confronted his wife.

We imagine it went a bit like this: “WTF have you been up to honey?” “I don’t understand what’s happened, baby.” ‘I think I do, you liar!” Cringe, cringe, cringe…

And in true guilty behavior, Mrs Zhang tried to put the blame on her poor husband.

When confronted, Mrs Zhang apparently claimed that her husband must have falsified the results. Why he would do that, we have no idea!

But after much questioning, she finally admitted the truth.

She had committed adultery. She claims it was a one night stand, but who’s to know…

It wouldn’t have been the first time she’d lied…

We think she’d have to be pretty unlucky to cheat for the first time and fall pregnant by him a day before (or after) falling pregnant by her husband. What are the chances of that?!

We wonder what the “other” father’s thinking about all this…

This is the craziest story we’ve heard in a long time!

But back to the story, Mr Zhang has since said that he thought one of the twins did not look like him.

Well, isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?… We don’t get it. To us, most babies look small, pink and angry… we are joking, of course, all babies are beautiful.

But now that Mr Zhang knows the truth, he has said that he isn’t prepared to raise the son that isn’t his.

But how does he expect to just bond with one twin? The two boys will naturally have an incredibly strong bond and want to be together most of the time. This situation is becoming heartbreaking!

We hope that somewhere in this story there’ll be some kind of happy ending.

But we’re just not sure where we’ll find it…  

Now let’s see what others think of this strange situation…

Many believe that the two boys should be raised together, whether they have the same father, or not. And we think that we agree. Neither baby asked to be brought into the world and each one deserves love and attention.

Others are just completely confused by the science of the thing.

We’ve never heard anything like this before!

But this lady cleared up a lot of things for us.

But hopefully, her twins shared the same baby daddy!

Some have a more cynical view on the matter.

Two baby daddies mean two maintenance payments. If she is 100% sure who the other dad is!

Let’s just hope that the brothers will grow up close, regardless.

Just like Arnie and Danny in Twins. But without all the drama of course…