You know that old saying that you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you?

Redditor vollkoemmenes apparently didn't get the message, or just chose to ignore it, when he called his wife a "sandwich maker."

The fact of the matter is he did this while she was making him a lunch for work, so apparently dude just couldn't leave well enough alone and thank her for making his lunch.

But his wife knows that revenge is a dish best served cold, specifically as executed through cold cuts.

via: Imgur

She decided to leave that little sleeve of plastic over his processed orange cheese, which let's be honest, using processed orange cheese is cruel enough.

But to add one final touch to her trolling, she wrote "NOT SORRY" in black marker to sure that he knew this was no mistake.

via: Imgur

I'm thinking he'll just pick something up to eat at work next time. Or hey! Here's an idea! Maybe he'll make his own sandwich.