Will Ferrell is up there with the greats of comedy, and just like many of them he isn't always PC when it comes to his skits, in fact, some people are pretty offended by his sketches.

One sketch, in particular, has left Twitter completely disgusted after his "red face" clip has re-emerged online.

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Will Ferrell is an actor we all know and love.

He really is the master of comedy.

However, he wasn't always so popular.

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Ferrell's first attempts at standup comedy had little success.

He first established himself in the mid-'90s.

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As a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live.

And from there his career took off.

He was famously known for his impersonations which featured a wide range of celebrities, some of which included; US President George W. Bush, Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray, and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Like many comedians, some of his skits are controversial.

And one, in particular, has ruffled a few feathers.

The fifty-two-year-old returned to the Saturday Night Live stage.

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For his fifth time as host last year, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Where we were taken back in time to witness the first-ever dinner in 1621.

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Will played the role of Pocahontas’ grandfather, although this story didn't follow the well known Disney version.

Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen also reunited with Will as they returned to the stage once again.

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Although it wasn't Fred and Will’s wigs that got everyone talking...

In the skit, twelve-year-old Pocahontas brings home her thirty-year-old boyfriend John Smith for the first time.

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Introducing him to her parents, played by Maya and Fred.

Grandpa Will is immediately suspicious of the “pale-faced" John Smith, played by Beck Bennett.

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He accuses Smith of stealing buffalos, land, and “those blankets that are getting everybody sick."

Which was followed by a not so subtle jab at Fox News...

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“Who told you the blankets are getting people sick?" Maya asked, as Will quickly interjected, “The Fox he knows what’s up…since when is it our job to take care of this world’s problems?"

Beck’s John then returns to the table after running to the bathroom multiple times, which was a little too much info for a tea-time sketch.

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“I think my stomach is having a hard time digesting this food — I saw some whole kern kernels in my stool and I specifically remember chewing them all."

It turns out he wasn’t alone, as Fred’s character exclaimed “yeah, that happens to me too!"

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A the end of the sketch, Will broke the fourth wall and addressed the audience directly.

To express his thoughts...

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“If you’re anything like me, you know there’s a lot of problems in this crazy, crazy sketch," he began.

The thought was there, although fans weren't so sure...

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“I mean, white actors, playing Natives, what is this — 2014? But no matter what year it is, or what color we are — whether we get our news from a fox or a peacock — one thing is for sure: none of us can digest corn."

Fans had plenty to say about the not-so-politically correct skit on Twitter...

and their comments were on point.

Some thought the whole sketch was uncalled for.

Calling the sketch "wrong on so many levels."

Although some Twitter users tried to point out the obvious.

But people wouldn't listen.

Others were shocked that they would even air the sketch.

And it prompted some to talk about their own experience with racism.

Here's the comment that sparked the debate on twitter...

Were they wrong for performing the sketch?

Check out the SNL sketch below...

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