Will Smith Surprises 14-Year-Old Cancer Patient With Playstation 5

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Will Smith’s Snapchat show confirms he’s just a straight-up good human, and his latest Holiday Special might just make you cry…

We have been following along watching Will talk to his family, special guests, and everyday people who are staying home social distancing.

But his most recent Holiday Special features something a little different…

And it looks like Will is feeling the Christmas spirit this year.

The fifty-two-year-old actor has forged a very successful career for himself over the years… including a die-hard fan base.

Including in Bad Boys (1995) and Men in Black (1997).

Such as portraying heavy-weight boxer Mohemmed Ali in the biopic, Ali (2001), and starring in The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) alongside his son, Jaden.

Who hasn’t watched I Am Legend?

Now, let’s not get started on that scene with his dog…

It’s safe to say that fans have grown to absolutely love the actor over the years. And it’s easy to see why. People have a lot to say about the most recent episode of his Snapchat series…

During the global pandemic, the actor has been hosting a Snapchat show called Will From Home

And for the Holiday Special, he teamed up with Jason Derulo and GameStop to gift a PlayStation 5 to a fourteen-year-old cancer patient.

To comfort his son during this scary time, he dressed up in a bright orange outfit and danced in the parking lot every Tuesday for his son to watch out his window.

They even teach him how to hit The Woah. I think we could all do with a lesson in that!

And that wasn’t all, Will and GameStop also donated $5000 each ($10k) to Cook Children’s Medical Center! What a guy! For more on the actor, scroll on…