The ultimate hotel room for chocaholics must surely be the Willy Wonka-themed room in The Chocolate Box Hotel in Bournemouth, U.K. The whole hotel has a tasty theme, but in honor of the 50th anniversary of the original movie. and classic Roald Dahl novel, the venue partnered with Late Rooms to create the ultimate chocolatey vacation.

And based on the images they've released, it's good enough to eat - literally.


Not only is there magical-sounding lickable wallpaper in a variety of flavors, but the room has its very own chocolate fountain with dipping fruit and marshmallows, enormous jars of gobstoppers, gumballs, chocolates, and sweets. And if you ever do get full up, you can enjoy some non-edible treats too - including walls adorned with iconic images and stills from the classic movie.

And that's not all. The bathroom is fully stocked with chocolate-scented toiletries and yet more candy snacks. The bathrobe and slippers are designed to resemble the clothes of Willy Wonka himself. But the craziest treat of all? At an additional charge, guests can request their bathtub to be filled with liquid chocolate. That's the full Augustus Gloop fantasy.


To make the stay even cuter, your room key is a real-life golden ticket. And aside from Wonka-themed additions, the room boasts the very best in British hotel luxe, including Egyptian cotton bedding, a memory foam mattress, and black-out blinds. And although there's no Wonka-tyle magic involved, all treats will be replenished (by hotel staff rather than Oompah Loompahs) at the guest's request. There's no limit to how much you can eat, so fill your boots! And for the COVID safe amongst us, never fear - the entire clickable wallpaper is replaced after every guest's stay.

Matthew Fox, CEO of LateRooms, told Metro: "We're really excited about working with The Chocolate Box Hotel to create this room, offering something so magical and memorable to both chocolate lovers and everyday holidaymakers. I think those interested in experiencing this Willy Wonka-inspired hotel room should definitely register their interest and do it quickly as we suspect it will be in high demand once the room is available. I may even register myself for a trip!"

And it seems many other people are similarly excited about the idea, with one Facebook fan joking: "I would come out with diabetes." Others are a little more skeptical though, with one commenter feeling grossed out. "Didn't sound too bad until... Chocolate-filled bath and lickable wallpaper!! Who in their right mind would even think that is a good idea?"

Will you be booking a chocolatey room any time soon?