Wine Comes out of Taps in Italian Village After Fault at Winery

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Something truly amazing is happening near Modena, Italy.

We know, we know – this does sound completely made up, but I can assure you that it’s 100 percent true. And no, Jesus has not returned from the dead.

Keep scrolling to read about this miracle…

We know we’re supposed to, we know it’s good for us… But, good lord it can be rather boring, can’t it?

Why have bland water when you can have something a little more exciting?

Whether it be fruit juice, soda, or a naughty glass of wine… There are many tasty things that we can swap a boring glass of water for.

That in one Italian village, water has literally been turned into wine …

And, to make this story even more bizarre, it’s a local winery who is playing the role of Jesus.

The region is well known for making some of the most delicious wines on the planet.

And the internet can’t get over this dream come true.

And they managed to turn their entire village into a party this week.

Which led to something pretty incredible…

Rather than water, delicious pink Lambrusco wine spilled forth!

Anyone else feeling a little bit … jealous?

But amazing if you were having a stressful day – or were in the mood to celebrate!

The Italian waterboard had technicians straight the village to restore running water.

They apparently managed to fill up plenty of bottles of the good stuff for later.

Although we’re pretty sure residents weren’t complaining! Fancy more wine innovation? Scroll on for the incredible wine floats taking over the internet.