Winning Dog in Elite Dog Show Poos in the Middle of Arena During Victory Lap

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Every year, the U.K holds one of the most elite dog shows on television – Crufts.

The traditional dog show showcases some of the country’s most beautiful and well-behaved pooches, but of course, dogs will be dogs and not everything will go to plan.

Keep scrolling to learn about this year’s winning dog and how he truly caught the attention of the entire nation…

Who doesn’t love dogs?

It’s pretty hard to find a person out there who doesn’t love our furry companions, and there are many ways in which our loyal pooches are celebrated.

The annual dog show is aired in the U.K every year and it has many years of dog-related experience and expertise.

The televised dog show dates back to 1891 and it is named after its founder, Charles Cruft, who worked as a general manager for a dog biscuit manufacturer and spent a lot of time traveling nationally and internationally for dog shows.

It was the first at which all breeds were invited to compete, with around 2,000 dogs and almost 2,500 entries… and the rest is history.

And hundreds of thousands of dog owners spend years competing their beloved pooches in a desperate bid to be crowned the Crufts Winning Dog.

And dogs and their owners must have qualified through the previous years to have a shot of claiming the winning (and rather prestigious) title.

But it isn’t just a dog’s good looks that will earn it the winning title.

The agility competition is perhaps one of Crufts’ most popular shows, with the competing dogs showing off their agility skills on an advanced obstacle course.

Olly fell under the rescue dog category and despite epically failing the agility course, he showed some unbelievable enthusiasm and excitement.

Which, as any dog owner can relate, is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of the show.

Now, this is always entertaining to watch!

There are also competitions for grooming, handling, music, heelwork, and showing… so there is a lot of preparation needed to enter Crufts.

Winning Crufts with your beloved pooch must be one of the best feelings in the world.

And the deserving winner was an adorable wire-haired Dachshund named Maisie.

And they both made some very deserving winners of the historic dog show.

But it seems that Maisie had some urgent business to attend to during the victory lap…

Halfway through the lap, the little dog slowed to a halt and squatted to leave a poo on the artificial turf – in front of thousands of amused spectators.

The perfect dog owner, we’d say!

Of course, the internet was very impressed with Maisie’s performance…

And it’s safe to say that the little dog has made some fantastic TV for the British public.

What makes the situation even funnier is the prestigious reputation that Crufts holds…

And Maisie has well and truly pooed all over that!

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