Valeria Lukyanova has a very odd claim to fame.

The Ukrainian model has spent the past few years of her career doing her best to look identical to a Barbie doll.

With so many people undergoing invasive plastic surgery for compulsive reasons, it's easy to think that Valeria suffers from the same affliction.

However, she's always insisted that her transformation involved no plastic surgery, just make up. Few people believed her.

But, as these makeup-free selfies show, it's pretty clearly the truth.

Granted, she uses a LOT of makeup to get that look, but I suppose it's a much better approach than getting your body permanently altered or disfigured.

As for the insane, doll-like figure?

Well, all the selfies taken at the gym should answer that question.

So while a grown woman impersonating a plastic doll still might not be the most well-adjusted behavior...

...at least she hasn't done anything permanently destructive to her body.

I guess now it will be easier to enjoy her impressive work without wondering if we're taking pleasure in an addiction or compulsion.

In fact, she's such a natural beauty...

...that many are wondering why she doesn't drop the whole Barbie act and just be herself. Maybe she will one day!