Guys, being married to your best friend is basically the greatest thing ever. If you can figure out a way to spend the rest of your life with the person who makes you the happiest you've ever been, I highly recommend going that route.

The wives featured in this gallery have truly gone above and beyond in making their partners' lives more enjoyable. In fact, if they hadn't already married their wives, I'd tell them to do so immediately. Can you marry someone twice? If you can, these people should marry their wives twice. I'm not sure how the logistics work on that, but it's worth figuring out just so you can be double married to the funniest people ever.

Marriage is often described as being a lot of hard work, but these wives prove that it can also be a lot of fun.

Like this wife, who just needs some attention.

Sure, this may come across as a little extreme. But at least she's not setting the whole house on fire, right?

This wife who is next-level petty:

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Your kids are gonna drive you crazy. That's just a fact of life. You've gotta be ready to retaliate.

This wife had the best pregnancy announcement ever:

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Bob Ross may not have been referring to unplanned pregnancies when he talked about happy little accidents, but you have to admit it works pretty perfectly in that context.

This wife had the best reaction to surgery meds:

Where would they keep it? J.K., I'm gonna need you to write this book immediately, please. I need to know where they'd keep the pizza stone.

This wife has an admirable dedication to her prank:

I'm imagining that she probably needed the milk several times over the course of the past two days but has been resisting in order to preserve the joke.

This is absolutely something I would do:

And that's how you get a new cat! Or several new cats, really.

Snip snap!

There's no gift quite like a vasectomy gift. I love the gift bag choice, too.

First day of school!

First days of school are just as exciting when you're an adult working in the school, right? I hope he still gets to enjoy recess.

Bless this wife's heart:

Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a little sensitive. Just don't think about the swans again. Don't do it! you're gonna cry!

This is pretty helpful!

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It's not that she thinks you're stupid; she just wants to provide a little bit of assistance. OK, it may also be that she thinks you're stupid. But you have to admit that the sign is pretty helpful, right?


I love that the pink Post-It note looks kind of like a slice of ham. Also, she was really banking on the fact that you'd open the sandwich and look inside before taking a bite, huh?

Have a Nice Poop!

Don't you feel like we should all be telling each other to have a nice poop? It's just a nice thing to do!

The importance of hydration:

To be fair, drinking a glass of water makes me feel better like 100 percent of the time. Maybe give it a try! Will it make your arm reattach itself? Maybe!

Such good advice.

Don't they realize that he knows so much about football? You can tell by how loudly he is yelling. The louder you yell, the more you know!

Get ready!

Hey, it's better to receive these directions way too early than receiving them way too late, right? Now you have plenty of time to get over!

This had to be on purpose.

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Whoever made this grading sheet MUST HAVE realized it was full of double entendres. Right? There's no way they didn't.

Way to think outside the box!

Or inside the box, I guess. Either way, I love the costume.

Everyone needs a label maker.

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If you're not labeling every single thing in sight, then you are doing it wrong. This is what label makers are for, people!

Best. Headshot. Ever.

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I'm very curious about the other props that were brought in for picture day. What are you supposed to bring? A hat? Some juggling balls?

Doesn't matter; had cake.

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You got to share a laugh at a funny situation and you got cake? Sounds like you're living the life, my friend.

Oh, my.

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If you can't make risqué jokes about how hard the eggs are, what's the point of getting married, ya know?

Nap time!

Get you a wife like this. Also, get you a couch like this. It's a package deal.

Passing notes.

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The little cross on this slip of paper makes this message about 12 times better, in my opinion. You better hurry up!

Happy Birthday!

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The best part of Pinterest is repurposing all of the baby crafts and decorations for your adult friends and family members. Don't @ me.

So thorny.

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Not only will it make them laugh; it'll also save them from getting poked! This is very thoughtful. And very funny.


Getting married is a very solemn occasion! And meeting Rob Lowe is a fun one. Yeah, I said it.

So impressive!

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Are you guys looking to adopt an adult woman? I could use a cake like this.

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Tag yourself. I'm 1-800-BOOTY.

True love.

Every married person knows that they are second fiddle to any animals in the house. That's the way it works.

Needs more throw pillows.

As someone who is currently surrounded by five throw pillows, I wish you luck on your endeavors. I clearly have a lot to learn. Share this with someone who's the best wife ever!