A child's first birthday is a big milestone for parents, which can often translate into throwing a pretty extravagant party for their little one. Parents will go to extreme lengths in order to celebrate this moment for their precious little angel. One couple in Houston, Texas decided to have a little photo shoot to celebrate their baby girl's first birthday, just like any loving and supportive parents would do.

A great day with beautiful scenery turned terrible quickly when a local woman decided to approach the family and demand that they immediately stop their photoshoot. Things escalated and thankfully the couple captured it all on camera to accurately portray how the woman was treating them. The situation turned physical which made the situation more intense than it already was.

These people just wanted a sweet photo shoot with their baby, but of course, things always get a little messy. Houston, we definitely have a problem.

There's nothing like a happy baby.

If you've ever seen a baby's birthday party, you know it's mostly chaos but overall some of the cutest moments have taken place during a birthday celebration.

Some people go all out for their babies.

Even though the baby probably won't remember their first birthday party, that doesn't stop parents from going all out for their parties.

I mean it's like a sweet 16!

This is bigger than any party I've ever had so I'm a little jealous. But I can't compete with the cuteness of a one year old.

The first birthday is no joke.

Parents obviously care a lot about their babies turning one, as they should. That first year is so sweet and there is so much growth, what's not to celebrate?!

If you don't go all out, you're not doing it right.

The point is that parents love their babies and for their first birthday, they want to make sure it's adorable, cake-filled and that they have a lot of photos to remember it by.

Meet another great mom and dad.

Kelyn and Isaiah Allen are parents to sweet Anja who was about to turn one, which, as we all know, is a big milestone.

They were excited to celebrate Anja's first birthday.

Isaiah and Kelyn wanted to have a photoshoot to remember their daughter's birthday with a beautiful background and some fun balloons.

They headed to a popular place in Houston.

The Broadacres community in Houston is a beautiful street in an upper-class neighborhood. The trees tower over each other, with a beautiful walkway and lush grass. It looks likes it's straight out a magazine.

This street is well known to photographers.

For senior pictures, prom shoots, baby pictures and more, this street is a great spot for any occasion.

I mean this place is really beautiful.

Kelyn and Isaiah picked a great place for their daughter's first photoshoot. They called a photographer, dressed little Anja up and headed to Broadacres for what was supposed to be a beautiful day.

Anja was thriving.

Mom and dad brought a fluffy pink blanket, some cute balloons and put Anja in the most adorable dress. About 30 minutes passed and the photoshoot was going great, capturing lots of little giggles from the baby, but that was about to change when one barefoot lady and her Pomeranian had something to say.

We've got a very upset millionaire.

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Franci Neely, a woman who lives in the Broadacres community, saw the happy family taking photos and felt the need to intervene.

It was about to hit the fan.

Franci put her Jaguar in a park and got out of her car and headed directly to Kelyn and Isaiah, immediately confronting them by interrupting their daughter's photo shoot.

They're calling her "Sidewalk Sally."

Franci, barefoot, with Pomeranian in hand and obviously irritated, demands that the family leave because they are "trampling the grass."

Franci did not want any photos taken.

Isaiah and Kelyn spoke to Click2Houston and recounted the events. "She said, ‘You’re on private property. You need to get your stuff out now,'" Isaiah said, saying that Franci was "very aggressive, in our face. It was escalating to the point where my wife suggested I start recording."

Isaiah recorded what happened next and you need to see it to believe it.

As you can see in the video, Franci drags the blanket away from the child and smacks the balloons, all before she turns to Isaiah and tries to hit the phone out of his hand, not once, but twice.

Franci was getting aggressive with the Allen family.

Franci is yelling and Anja is crying. You can hear Kelyn say "You're making my child cry." This doesn't stop Franci from yelling at the parents, still demanding that they leave the neighborhood.

The photoshoot was clearly ruined by Franci's behavior and the internet was very upset.

Isaiah explained that Franci confronted the photographer as well, blaming her for bringing the family here. “She was talking to the photographer and said things like, 'You brought these people into our neighborhood, look what you’ve done,'" Isaiah said.

Franci is known as a Houston socialite.

Franci was married to the owner of the Houston Astros baseball team. After the divorce was finalized, Franci walked away with $30 million, a nice chunk of cash that eased her into a very wealthy lifestyle.

Although that neighborhood is beautiful, the neighbors aren't the nicest.

Many neighbors have protested photoshoots happening in their community and have even tried to ban all photoshoots. The city of Houston states that the streets are public property, therefore allowing photoshoots to happen at any time.

People were pretty upset over the series of events.

Since the video was released online, the reactions have been very strong, most commenting about how Franci's aggression was uncalled for and some claimed she was racist for attacking the family.

Others hoped she was being held accountable for assault.

Franci was caught on camera assaulting Isaiah and a lot of people online believed she should not be able to walk away without being punished by the law. The Allen family did announce that they will be pressing charges against Franci.

This wasn't the first time Franci confronted a photoshoot.

After the video was released online, another man came forward with video footage of Franci aggressively confronting a group of high school students who chose to take their prom photos in Broadacres. She reacted in a very similar way, demanding the high school students leave the property.

And another one!

Here's Franci again confronting people for taking photos in her neighborhood. Apparently, she thinks she's the sheriff in her community and is taking the law into her own hands.

Franci has ruined some pretty priceless moments.

“These were our first professional shots we have taken of the baby since she’s been born," said Kelyn in an interview. The internet was still in shock that Franci had the audacity to aggressively ruin such a special moment for this family. “It was something that was supposed to be very special for us, and I hate the fact that, when I look at these pictures, this is what I have to remember."

Franci made a public statement apologizing for her behavior.

Franci made a statement with ABC13 Eyewitness News that was released to the public: The Broadacres Homeowners Association Invests lots of money paying to maintain the trees, grass, and walkways in our neighborhood. The high volume of commercial photography damages the property that Broadacres HOA pays to maintain and interferes with dog walkers and others who merely want to walk under the pretty trees. We asked the commercial photographers to please stop.

Apparently, she's very sorry.

Franci's statement continued with an apology that didn't actually feel like an apology: I am very sorry that I got upset on late Saturday afternoon. Putting it in context, however: I saw three commercial photography shoots in one block at the same time, something that happens frequently. When I explained the situation to the first and third groups, they were respectful. The couple whose photo shoot obstructed the walkway was not. It's hard to remain composed when confronted by shouted threats of lawsuits and false, inflammatory accusations.

But the people still aren't having it.

Not only did her statement feel inauthentic, but it also does not cover up for the blatant physical assault on the Allen family. It's one of those "I'm sorry I got caught" kind of moments.

Her apology was not convincing.

Many tweets showed frustration over Franci's statement because she never actually apologized for her actions, only that she got upset. She also continued to play the victim by blaming the family for instigating this situation.

People want justice and they want it now.

It's shocking to know that Franci was not immediately charged for assault and people are claiming it has a lot to do with the fact that she's a wealthy white woman.

The Houston Police have stayed quiet.

Citizens are frustrated that there has been no action taken to arrest Franci and feel like she is getting away with assault a little too easily, especially since the footage of her attacking the Allen family has spread so quickly.

Franci is the opposite of class, and the Allen family wishes they would have never met her.

“We had no idea that taking shots at that location was so contentious," said Kelyn in an interview.  "I think had we known, I wouldn’t have gone. Our intention is never to offend anyone ... I think it wasn’t worth that."

Franci turned something beautiful into something intolerable.

People have treasured the beauty of Broadacres and are ultimately upset that Franci has brought such hate to a place that has been the setting of many amazing memories.

People are ready to defend the Allen family.

Baby Anja was having a beautiful moment with her family and it was ruined over Franci's aggressive actions. Twitter is not a fan of Franci and they are demanding justice.

Franci really is cancelled.

Voices are calling for her to step down from all philanthropic involvement because her actions do not reflect what she supposedly stands for and supports.

But organizations are remaining silent as well.

It seems like a lot of people are hesitant to speak up about something as important as physical assault. It's all a little shady considering how much money Franci has.

It would be smart to disassociate yourself from this woman.

Tweets were calling for these organizations to no longer affiliate themselves with Franci for obvious reasons.

We're all waiting to hear a statement from the police.

The police have been pretty quiet about Franci and her assault, which seems kind of unbelievable and the internet is still pretty shaken up about it.

The Allen family's final words.

"It doesn’t matter who you are," said Isaiah, "the golden rule is you should treat others how you want to treat you."