Japanese authorities have arrested and reprimanded a woman after she attempted to "assassinate" the Olympic Torch with a top-of-the-range water gun.

Kayoko Takahashi was arrested during the Olympic torch relay through Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan on Sunday, authorities have said. The fifty-three-year-old was caught on camera trying to extinguish the Olympic flame as it was carried through the streets.


The clip that has been posted to YouTube shows the brave woman standing at the side of the street with other spectators as they watched the torch runner approach them. As they get within close range, Takahashi pulls out the yellow and orange weapon and squirts a thin strip of water up towards the burning flame.

"No Olympics! Stop the Games!" she shouts at him in Japanese, before she is confronted by multiple members of security.

Of course, her water fun failed to even cause a slight outage of the flame, but the authorities at the scene were not impressed whatsoever.

According to Mito Police, the fifty-three-year-old was arrested at the scene on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business.

Mito deputy police chief Noriaki Nagatsuka told Vice News that the suspect was charged because she was "deliberately aiming at the runner and interfering with the relay."

"You can't shoot water at people for no good reason," Nagatsuka added. "She clearly wasn't playing around. This isn't child's play."

Officials have stated that the woman admitted to the act and defended it as a form of protest. No one was injured during the incident.


The news comes shortly after other protests have taken place against the hosts of the Olympics due to the slow rate of vaccine distribution throughout the country during what is still considered a global pandemic. There are also concerns that the event will import other strains of the virus from different countries. 2 Ugandan athletes and 1 Serbian athlete have already tested positive for coronavirus since arriving in Japan in the past few weeks and the fear is that this will spread amongst athletes as well as spectators.

The Games are set to officially begin on July 23rd.