A woman has been arrested by French police after causing one of Tour de France's worst crashes the event has ever seen.

RTL, a French radio network revealed details in connection with the incident stating that a woman has been identified and has since been taken into police custody in Landerneau, in Brittany, France. No further details have yet been released in regards to whether the woman handed herself in or if she was arrested after an investigation was opened pending the crash on Saturday.

A fan with a big cardboard sign stepped out in front of the cycling competitors which led to a massive pile up at the start of stage 1 of the Tour. All because she wanted to send a message to her family. Clearly, it wasn't worth it.

On Tuesday, Camille Miansoni, the prosecutor said this: "Things are progressing well and we hope to be able to explain this event within a reasonable time," Miansoni told the media. "After the call for witnesses which was launched in the evening, several testimonies were taken. Obviously, you have to cross-check them, you have to check them, it takes a little time."

But now it seems as though the investigation is finally moving forward after this first arrest.

This is a developing story and updates will be posted accordingly.